Maui Roadsters Proposal | Christopher + Melissa

Maui Roadsters Proposal What a whirlwind trip this was for Melissa!  When they started their journey from Ohio to Maui, Christopher tricked her into thinking that they were going to San Francisco.  Little did she know that the flight to San Francisco was just the...

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Montage Kapalua Bay Proposal | Michael + Nicole

Montage Kapalua Bay Proposal This Montage Kapalua Bay Proposal happened early morning.  This proposal was more of a spontaneous proposal.  We'd share a signal to show we were there, and then follow him until he chose just the right spot to pop the question. THE PLAN:...

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Road to Hana Proposal | Steve + Vikky

Road to Hana Proposal High school sweethearts, Steve and Vikky, came to Maui in June.  After 11 years together, Steve was ready to pop the question and knew he wanted a Road to Hana proposal.  Once the initial idea was decided, we happily helped him iron out the...

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Spontaneous South Maui Proposal | Matt + Julene

Spontaneous South Maui Proposal Matt wanted to take a different approach to his proposal than what we usually do.  Typically, we location scout, we send sample photos along, we send videos, and we really prepare for the exact right place and the right time to give the...

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Romantic Beach Picnic Proposal | Cody + Alexus

Romantic Beach Picnic Proposal These two came to Maui on their Spring Break.  Cody knew that he wanted to do something a little more than just down on one knee on the beach.  So, he chose a romantic beach picnic proposal for his sweetheart. THE PLAN: We arrived early...

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I'm Angie

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