Maui Rainy Day Proposal | Behram + Vivienne

Maui Rainy Day Proposal This couple came all the way from Dallas, Texas, to have the proposal of their dreams!  I wanted to showcase this lovely Maui rainy day proposal so everyone can see that even if we have some sprinkles or a dreary skies on your big day, it can...

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Romantic Beach Walk Proposal | Ryan + Tiffanee

Romantic Beach Walk Proposal During my correspondence with Ryan, he said to me that he “would love to really surprise her with something she doesn't see coming. Given that Maui is such a romantic place, I'm worried she may see it coming.” Judging by her incredible...

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Heartfelt South Maui Proposal | Tae + Miso

Heartfelt South Maui Proposal Tae wanted to propose on Christmas Eve.  Luckily, we had a photographer available. Amber, an associate photographer, was really excited to do something a little different for this heartfelt South Maui proposal. THE PLAN: Tae was staying...

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I'm Angie

Proposal planner, master of romance, location scouter, ninja paparazzi specialist, photographer extraordinaire…call me what you like, but I’m here to make your proposal the most epic day of your life!