Maui is known for its pristine beaches and vibrant blue waters. A beach proposal is the classic Maui proposal. We know all the secret spots and the best beaches that show you the beauty of Maui and the privacy you want for this special moment.

Cliffside proposals are more off the beaten path. These proposals are perfect for couples who aren’t afraid of adventure and desire something a touch different from the popular beach proposal.

The Haleakala proposal is one of our most popular proposal packages. On the top of the a 10,000 ft dormant volcano, watch the sunrise with the love of your life and at dawn’s first light, ask her to spend the rest of her days with you. It’s cold up there, but that sunrise never disappoints.

These guys had other ideas for their romantic Maui proposals. We’ve done proposals at¬†private estates. lava rock escarpments, and even sunrise breakfasts. We work closely with many vendors and can help set up proposals that require a bit more unique touches that will bring your vision to life.

sunrise or sunset

When Should You Propose: Sunrise or Sunset?

When you imagine your Maui proposal, what do you think of? Empty beaches? beautiful colors in the sky? A romantic dinner afterward?

Let’s chat about what time of day would be the best for you!¬†Whether you begin or end your day down on one knee, it’s bound to be the best day ever.


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