When Should I Book my Maui Proposal?

In a perfect world, you would reserve your Maui proposal as soon as you’ve booked your flight and accommodations and know you want to pop the question here. Realistically, most guys plan their proposal with us about 1-3 months beforehand, which we’re very comfortable...

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What to Know About Maui Weather

One of the reasons why you’re choosing to propose in Maui is because of the gorgeous scenery highlighted by warm, sunny weather. So when the weather forecast says rain for the big day, you start freaking out. Here’s why you can’t trust most weather apps and forecasts...

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Tips to Make Your Proposal More Personal

One of the most popular requests we get is how to create a proposal that has a big wow factor but isn’t cliche or cheesy. A surefire way to accomplish this goal is to really think about your sweetheart and your relationship and include special touches that you know...

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