You love them, you want everything to be perfect. We can help with that.

We love perfect and romantic and dreamy!

Even more, we love to make it look like you put all your blood sweat and tears into their dream proposal.

They never needs to know that actually, you just got the joy of showing up and looking good while still giving them the proposal they’ve always dreamt of.

Let us tell you how!





Look around, love Hawaii, dig the vibe, want some of this.  Say Hello!



Choose your package and put down your deposit.



We make all the plans and get you ready for the big day, you get a detailed itinerary of every aspect of your proposal.  Direction, hotel recommendations, do’s and don’ts, tips, and tricks.  All the good stuff.



It’s proposal day!  We are discretely in touch all day, it’s time for you to pop the question!  I’ll be there capturing every second.

Starting at $799

Simple Sunset Proposal

Best suited for those working on a budget who still want help with their proposal and gorgeous Maui proposal photography.

The Perfect Proposal

This is our most popular package. You get the best of Maui by choosing the perfect proposal. Expert planning advice along with a full hour and half of photography, this is the best way to truly enjoy your engagement session after you pop the question!

Haleakala Volcano Top Proposal

A Haleakala sunrise proposal always brings the WOW factor. The Haleakala Volcano Top Proposal is truly something unique and special; a side of Hawaii that is spectacular, breath-taking, and unexpected.

Air Maui Helicopter Proposal

One of the best ways to experience Maui is from the air. We have partnered exclusively with Air Maui to create amazing proposal packages for folks looking to go above and beyond – literally! Proposing in a spot that is only accessible by helicopter is a sure-fire way to knock their socks off!




Aloha! I’m Angie


Proposal planner, master of romance, location scouter, ninja paparazzi specialist, photographer extraordinaire…call me what you like, but I’m here to make your proposal the most epic day of your life.

I help you find the perfect location, come up with a fool-proof plan, and add the essential personal touches to your proposal.

And then, most importantly, we pair it with stunning and emotion-filled photography. I have a team of photographers who are passionate about what they do and helping you document one of the most amazing moments of your entire life



Why should I hire Engaged on Maui?

You want your proposal to be flawless. The location, the time of day, the photos–it all needs to be on point. We plan everything from beginning to end and really take the time to make your proposal perfect. This isn’t one of those things where you can just “wing it”; it’s one of the most important days of your life and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to make it unbelievably memorable!


Why do I need help with my proposal?

You have a vision of what your proposal will be, but you need the right resources to pull it off. You need someone on your team to make everything go seamlessly. You already got the girl and the ring–the proposal is the last piece of the puzzle and with over 500 proposals under our belt, we know what we’re doing.

Where is the best place to propose on Maui?

Maui has a little bit of everything–beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, mountains. The best place to propose in Maui all depends on what you want in a location. We know all the secret spots and can help you decide on the perfect location.


What kinds of services do you offer?

The services we offer are two fold: proposal planning and coordinating coupled with proposal photography and an engagement photography session.

How much will this cost me?

Packages start at $799


Do you service other Hawaiian islands?

We sure do! Let’s chat about your proposal on Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, or Lanai!


What’s the best time to propose: sunrise or sunset?

They both have their pros and cons. Sunrises offer mostly empty beaches and soft pastels in sky. Sunsets offer those vibrant Maui sunsets–it all depends on what you’re going for!

What do I get when I book with you?

Every package comes with some level of planning as well as photography during and after the proposal

How do I get started with the process?

Getting started is super simple. Just fill out the contact form and tell me a little bit about you and your sweetie! We will chat over the phone shortly after (on your schedule, of course) so we can learn more about you and your sweetie and how we can help!


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