We cherish memories through physical heirlooms, not pixels on a screen

And yet, many couples never get around to printing their albums

Yep, you heard that right. When we polled past clients, we were shocked to discover that less than half had followed through to printing their digitals.

No way. Listen — this is important. Don’t let your memories live behind a screen!

They are there to be enjoyed by you and everyone you care about.

However you choose to print, this is how your story lives on.

It’s how you’ll tell your children the story of how it all started. It’s for you and the next generation.

Your proposal and engagement photos deserve better.

Don’t settle for anything less

Your love story needs to be told in a tangible way.

We get it — if you’ve never made an album before, the process can be daunting. We can guide you through the whole process and do all the hard work on your behalf.

Our printers use 100-year archival paper and high-quality materials to ensure your printed images look as good as the ones you see on a screen.

Trust us, your album will reflect the true quality of the photos you invested so much to create.

print credit:
How it works

The process is simple and straightforward

You’ll receive your gallery and you’ll see your photos for the first time via slideshow.

From there, you’ll have the choice to stick with your original package or upgrade to get more digitals and more print credit!

This means that you walk away with a family heirloom to enjoy every day with your loved ones.

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Inspired to create a stunning album of your own?

Memories from your proposal and engagement are invaluable and need to be cherished forever. We can create stunning heirloom albums with photos that reflect your love story in the best way possible.

cover your walls with love

everything you need to know about wall art

When you walk through your front door, you want your space to radiate with love and memories of those you cherish the most. So, if you’re like the majority of our couples, you’ll be choosing to use your print credit toward wall art!

These are heirloom pieces that will hang on your walls for years to come. We deliver premium quality to match the special place these pieces will have in your home.

But – what to choose? How to pick the right medium? What even belongs on your wall?! It can get overwhelming without a guide. We are here to help you through it all so you can make the best decision about how to display your favorite memories.

so how does wall art work?

Rule of thumb: Choose the ones that “spark joy” (Marie Kondo, anyone?). These are images that you’ll be looking at every day, so they need to remind you of moments you want to relive over and over.

In our experience, two types of images do best for large pieces of wall art: 1) those that “spark joy” and 2) those set against an epic landscape. But here’s the thing: even if you choose a close-up shot, we will make it flawless before it goes to print! If your faces are going to be huge on your wall, they need to look really good, right?

We offer three mediums for our couples:

  • Metal (90% of our clients go with this medium because the colors POP!)
  • Framed Print (for a more elevated look on walls that may have a color or a pattern. This comes in maple, black, and white, all with museum-quality non-reflecting glass)
  • Canvas (for a softer look – the canvas has a texture and it is great for typical portraiture or detail shots)

Want to hear something cool? We can show you exactly what your images will look like on your wall! Just send us a photo of your wall with the measurements (length in inches, please). During our design meeting, we will show you what the images will look like on your wall. No need to guess!

imagine filling up those bare walls with love

Let’s chat about your vision!

If you’re on the hunt for a proposal planner or an engagement photographer in Maui, we’d love to help. Check out our services, explore our portfolio, or feel free to send us a message. And hey, if you’re a current client with any queries, don’t hesitate to call us!

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