Gazebo Proposal on Maui | Victor + Mariah

Gazebo Proposal on Maui I love a man with a plan!  When Victor contacted us, he shared his vision board of what he wanted for his proposal to Mariah.  He planned on painting canvases that told their love story and wanted to have a gazebo proposal on Maui!   THE PLAN:...

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Secret Cliffside Proposal | Rachel + Victoria

Secret Cliffside Proposal Rachel reached out to me and she wanted to do an off the beaten path proposal for her sweetie, Victoria.  They were coming all the way from New Zealand.  She wanted something that looked like Hawaii, but didn't want the postcard-look Hawaii. ...

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I'm Angie

Proposal planner, master of romance, location scouter, ninja paparazzi specialist, photographer extraordinaire…call me what you like, but I’m here to make your proposal the most epic day of your life!