Today on the blog, we’re talking all about 2020 engagement ring trends. We hope you are able to use this information to your advantage! 

Engagement Ring Trends

Choosing an engagement ring marks a milestone in your process of commitment. It will symbolize your decision to solidify forever with your one true love and may be the ring she wears every day for the rest of her life (see stack rings). No pressure! You’ve got this.

It is a good idea to go into ring shopping with an idea of what cut and color you’re looking for, as well as a budget. If your partner hasn’t subtly dropped any hints or Pinterest boards of her favorite rings, here is a list of engagement ring trends to help you narrow down the options:


This is the cut we see most often at our proposals. Classic and timeliness, the halo cut ring is not only gorgeous, but also makes the center diamond or gem appear larger. So a smaller carat centerpiece diamond engagement ring can have a lot more bang for its buck.Engagement_Ring_Trends_Double_Halo


Appropriate for someone with a less mainstream style, colored stones are a more unique alternative to the standard diamond. Sapphires come in basically every color, the blue ones in particular symbolize faithfulness and good luck. If you’ve been lusting after a pink diamond but don’t have a hefty budget, morganite is a great option. This rosy form of beryl (the same mineral as emeralds and aquamarines) comes in an array of pastel pink hues but won’t break the bank, meaning you can splurge on a larger center stone. Birthstones can help to determine the appropriate color of an engagement ring, as can gemology.



For an outdoorsy type, engagement rings blooming with flowers, petals, vines and other natural motifs may be a good choice. Leaf detailing can add whimsical detail to the classic setting of a diamond.Engagement_ring_trends_nature


A simple setting can be easily dressed up or down. The plain band with a large stone creates a more casual look to highlight the star of the show, that single timeliness diamond.Engagement_Ring_Trends_Minimalism


The pear shape of a diamond is said to instantly slim and elongate the fingers. Engagement ring trends forecast hexagonal shapes and triangle cut diamonds as a favorite in 2020.Engagement_Ring_Trends_Oval_Halo


When shopping for the engagement ring, think about the wedding ring as well. If they can fit together, she’ll never need to choose to wear one or the other. Your past and your future can sit side by side forever.Engagement_Ring_Stack_Ring


A ring with a story offers sentimental value, even if it has been re designed to a more modern setting. Check with your parents (or hers) there may be a really interesting story behind a beautiful but outdated piece in the family collection. Take time into consideration on this option as finding a jeweler with the appropriate credentials and style for your vision, then waiting on the re design could take up to 6 months.Engagement_Ring_Trends_Heirloom


Many environmentally conscious couples are opting for the more sustainable alternative of lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings. They have minimal impact on the earth as they do not require mining. Mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds look exactly the same—the only difference is how long they take to grow, and lab-grown diamonds are often sold at a lower cost. That is an engagement ring trend we can support. Win, win!Engagement_Ring_Trends_Lab_Cut


Also called a trilogy setting, the three stones historically represent a couple’s past, present and future. This setting made a huge comeback when Megan Markle gave it a YES in 2017.


Whatever setting you choose, knowing why you chose it for her will only add to the sentiment of a proposal. Consider your love story, her style (including any jewelry she wears daily) and maybe confide in a very trustworthy friend or family member who has known her a long time. Once this step is complete, you’ve checked a huge box off the list of engagement to-do’s. Next up, proposal planning…..

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