Secret Cliffside Proposal | Rachel + Victoria

Secret Cliffside Proposal

Rachel reached out to me and she wanted to do an off the beaten path proposal for her sweetie, Victoria.  They were coming all the way from New Zealand.  She wanted something that looked like Hawaii, but didn’t want the postcard-look Hawaii.  So after going back and forth over a couple different options, we chose this remote secret cliffside proposal in Northwest Maui.


Rachel said both she and Victoria are rather adventurous, so it was no problem to get Victoria down to the cliff.  It’s a bit of a hike to get down there.  She also sent me a box in the mail to set up on a different location out by the cliff. The box had a heart lock on it, and Rachel would give Victoria the key after the proposal.


The ladies hiked down to the spot where we planned, and I started snapping away.  As soon as they got down there, Rachel dropped to her knee and popped the question!  Victoria was so surprised!  She of course said YES!


After the proposal was done, we were able to go to where we placed the box and get some cool shots of them opening the box.  Then we went to the jungle in that same area to add some greenery to their session.  And finally, we ended up on one of our favorite beaches in Northwest Maui.  This proposal was actually featured in Huffington Post (the ladies are #13…and as long as you’re there check out #6, too!)!

Rachel and Victoria: Congratulations on your incredible secret cliffside proposal!  You two are so lovely together.  And I love your adventurous spirits that let us take you to Northwest Maui to get these incredible shots!  Cheers to happily ever after!

Photographed by Angie | Ultimate Proposal Package

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