Sunrise Cliff Proposal on Maui’s North Shore

Sunrise is the most underrated time of the day. Sunset is great, don’t get me wrong, but there is something so beautiful about sunrise. The morning is quiet and peaceful, the birds are quietly chirping as they wake up for the day, the beaches are empty–it’s the perfect time to begin the first day of the rest of your life. And that’s exactly what EJ wanted to do–a sunrise proposal on Maui’s North Shore.

The Plan:

EJ told Susan that he had booked me through my sister company Angela Nelson Photography for a Sweetheart Session on Maui’s North Shore. This way, he didn’t have to worry about her not dressing up or making up a story about going to the North Shore for sunrise! Pretty clever 🙂

The Proposal:

EJ is was so thorough. We had a special phrase picked out for when we felt the time is right. We would exclaim “Isn’t it a marelous morning?” to which the other would reply “It IS marvelous!” At that time, EJ would turn to Susan and ask her to marry him! I situated them on the bluff overlooking the ocean and had them face one another. I said the phrase, EJ replied, just as planned, and the proposal commenced! She said YES!

The Engagement Session:

This may be one of my favorite e-sessions yet. We started at Ho’okipa for the proposal and then headed down to the beach. There was a sea turtle there, which was pretty cool (because Susan loves turtles). EJ also had another surprise for her–a lei! Lei exchanges during sessions are just so sweet–I wish more opted to do that! From there we stopped at a spot up in the cane fields for some cool road pictures, then headed down to Mama’s Fish House for some obligatory beach photos. Our last stop was at Paia Bay Coffee, my favorite little coffee shop. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to explore Maui’s North Shore with!

sunrise on maui's north shore

Surprise sunrise proposal in Paia - Maui Proposal Photographer_0024Surprise sunrise proposal in Paia - Maui Proposal Photographer_0025sunrise cliff proposal in maui, hawaiiproposing on a cliff in mauiputting ring on finger after cliffside proposalSurprise sunrise proposal in Paia - Maui Proposal Photographer_0029looking at engagement ring on cliff in mauisolitare engagement ringbeautiful sunrise portrait sessionSurprise sunrise proposal in Paia - Maui Proposal Photographer_0033Couple on a cliff in MauiNorth shore engagement photos mauilei exchange after proposalexchanging leis after a proposalengagement photos at hookipaSurprise sunrise proposal in Paia - Maui Proposal Photographer_0039Surprise sunrise proposal in Paia - Maui Proposal Photographer_0040Mama's fish house beach in paiadancing on the beach at Mama's fish housethe beach at mamas fish housepaia Bay Coffee signengagement photos with turtlesengagement photos at Paia Bay Coffeeengagement photos at coffee shop in hawaiiengagement photos with coffeeengagement ring on rosemary plant

EJ and Susan: what an incredible backdrop we had for your sunrise cliff proposal on Maui’s North Shore! I’m absolutely in love with our session together–I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to ph0tograph! Congratulations you two!

Photos by Angie | Perfect Proposal Package

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