Today’s proposal is brought to you by the epic Haleakala Crater! Read all about it below.

Haleakala Crater Proposal

Wookie and Gillian currently live on Oahu but were coming to Maui and it was the right time to get engaged. Since Wookie wanted to propose to Gillian somewhere spectacular he knew he needed our help.  After doing some research Wookie knew he had found the location to pop the question. Our 10,000-foot dormant volcano here in Maui ended up being the perfect choice for this surprise proposal.


We wanted to be sure Wookie had the perfect spot to propose. There is a breathtaking location at the summit of Haleakala we knew was completely perfect. This spot is a bit of a challenge to get to but Wookie was up for it. He was confident that Jillian would absolutely adore the spot we helped him select.


As we mentioned in our post, IS A HALEAKALA PROPOSAL RIGHT FOR YOU? there is no place for the photographer to hide for a proposal like this. The good news is there are other tourists on the volcano so it is very easy for the photographer to blend in.  When Wookie and Gillian arrived at the place he was going to propose to the spot he was going to propose, he dropped down on one knee.  As soon as he knelt down Gillian was awestruck. She thought they were just sightseeing so she was completely surprised and of course said YES!


The Simple Proposal was the right fit for Wookie and Gillian. They had a great time celebrating their epic Haleakala Crater Proposal as the sun went down. After the proposal, Amber captured breathtaking images of the couple as the sun went down.


Haleakala Crater Summit Proposal

engaged couple sitting at summit of Haleakala Crater

engaged couple snuggling during Haleakala Crater Proposal sunset

engaged couple hugging during Haleakala sunset

engaged couple hugging after Haleakala Crater Proposal

man and woman kissing during Haleakala Crater sunset

engagement ring on succulent

man lifting woman in joy after engagement

engaged couple embracing on maui mountaintop

engaged couple walking hand in hand on Haleakala Crater summit

engaged couple holding hands at Haleakala Crater summit

man kissing womans cheek

engaged couple embracing after maui engagedment

engaged couple laughing at Haleakala Crater Proposal

couple kissing at Haleakala Crater Summit Proposal

engagement ring at Haleakala Crater Proposal

engaged couple taking in the view at Haleakala Crater

engaged couple hugging at Haleakala Crater Proposal

woman crying at Haleakala Crater Proposal

marriage proposal at Haleakala Crater Proposal

marriage proposal at Haleakala Crater Proposal

man down on one knee at Haleakala Crater Proposal

couple walking to Haleakala Crater summit

couple taking in view at Haleakala Crater Proposal

Wookie and Gillian,  thank you so much for choosing Engaged on Maui to help you pull off your epic Haleakala Crater proposal.  I’m so happy that your mountain top engagement was spectacular

Photography by our associate photographer Amber Haleakala Proposal Package

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