Private North Shore Beach Proposal | Michael + Morgan

Private North Shore Beach Proposal

Michael wanted to pop the question on his way to lunch at Mama’s Fish House.  So, he decided to stop by a nearby beach.  We love this beach for morning and even early afternoon proposals because the water is so blue and beautiful.  And you get these great views of the West Maui Mountains from this beach!  One of the best parts of proposing on this beach is you can almost always find a spot here where there is NO ONE around!  This was a lovely private North Shore beach proposal on Maui.


Michael was having a little bit of a difficult time getting Morgan to get going this day!  He insisted she wear something nice (for the photos, of course, but he couldn’t tell her why!).  But Morgan was insisting that she just wanted to wear her bathing suit out for the day because they were on Maui after all!  He cajoled her into wearing a darling outfit, and she looked fantastic!


They came out to the beach, he found the perfect, private spot, and dropped to one knee!  When he asked her to marry him, her jaw hit the floor!  During the proposal we got these great shots of the bright blue water and the white sand beach.  It was breathtaking!


We stayed at that North Shore beach for a sweet little engagement session.  One other fun fact about this location is we can get a lot of variation in the looks of the images here.  There are some gorgeous beach shots and some photos with greenery in them.  There’s just a lot to choose from here!

Michael and Morgan: Thank you so much for having Engaged on Maui shoot for your gorgeous private North Shore beach proposal!  Congratulations!

Photos by Associate Jess | Simple Proposal Package

Bright blue water, white sand beaches, and the West Maui Mountains your thing?  We can take care of the rest!  Contact Engaged on Maui to start planning your proposal photography!


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