Breathtaking South Maui Sunset Proposal

When I saw the light this night, I knew it would have to get on the blog.  This breathtaking South Maui sunset proposal is exactly what people are looking for when they say they want a beach proposal at sunset.


Andrew and Adrienne met in a CPR class he was teaching for life guards.  During the four day class, he paid extra special attention to Adrienne.  When they started dating, they spent all their time at the beach because they were both lifeguards.  Because these two have so many special memories spent on a beach together watching sunsets, Andrew knew he had to propose on a beach.  At sunset, of course!


As they walked down the beach at sunset, Andrew casually pointed out the islands they could see.  Finally, he got to just the right spot and positioned Adrienne perfectly for the proposal! But before he dropped down to one knee, he took her flip flops she was carrying and threw them off to the side.  He dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry him.  She was so surprised and there were lots of beautiful tears!  Then he introduced us…..the photographers hiding in the bushes!


We had a lovely engagement session on the beach and the sunset was out of this world!  The light was so amazing that evening and the bright blue water just popped!  Our photo session and their proposal was even published on the proposal website How He Asked so check it out!

Andrew and Adrienne: Congratulations on your breathtaking South Maui sunset proposal!  What a way to celebrate graduation and a new life together!  Wishing you many more memories!

Photographed by Associate Marie | Simple Proposal Package

Do you have your heart set on a gorgeous beach sunset proposal?  Get in touch with Engaged on Maui now and we’ll get to work planning and photographing for you!

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