Magical Christmas Proposal on Maui’s North Shore

Russell had a great idea that he wanted to propose on a beach on the North Shore of Maui.  We’re always so happy when someone wants to do a shoot there because it’s so gorgeous (it’s actually one of our favorite locations!) and gives another view of Maui!  Russell wanted to have more of a wide open beach location with mountains in the background.  He and Diana were coming to Maui during the holidays, so we put together this magical Christmas proposal on Maui’s North Shore for them.  It turned out beautifully!


Before heading to Maui, Russell sent us a letter and a photo for Diana to set out at the location.  We made it into an over-sized Christmas card and placed it under the Christmas tree we set up on the beach.  We decorated the tree with some silver and blue ornaments and driftwood we found laying around.


When Russell and Diana got to the wide-open beach, he led her down to the set up.  When she got there, she opened the card under the tree and with that, he dropped to his knee!  He popped the question, and she said YES!


This was the day before we had a huge storm roll into Maui.  So we had really beautiful colors in the ocean.  You could see the entirety of the West Maui Mountains which we typically can’t see in the afternoon from the North Shore. After the proposal, we went to a nearby location that had these beautiful moss colored rocks.  We got this unique sunset with hints of pink popping out from behind the clouds because of the storm rolling in.

Russell and Diana:  Congratulations on your magical Christmas proposal on Maui’s North Shore.  We loved the creativity of this proposal!

Photographer: Associate Marie | Package: Perfect Proposal Package

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