Breathtaking Maui Helicopter Surprise Proposal | Mike + Laura

Breathtaking Maui Helicopter Surprise Proposal

Mike reached out to me with his plan to propose to his long term girlfriend Laura.  He knew he wanted to do an Air Maui Helicopter proposal.  But he was also interested in our Storyteller Collection, which we were stoked about.  Oftentimes, guys just opt for our photography package and don’t think about videography.  After this proposal was all said and done, I got a phone call from Laura telling me how much she loved the combination of the photos and the video because it told the whole story and it was invaluable to her.  So, that was really cool to hear from her after the fact.  How awesome to hear that she was just as thrilled about the experience as we were!  Here is their breathtaking Maui helicopter surprise proposal.


These two have a secret metaphor they use to talk about building trust: a jar of marbles. They talk about how trust is built up over time and it’s represented by this jar of marbles.  So, Mike had a plan to use an actual jar of marbles in his proposal. Mike is a  professional motivational speaker, and this idea was just so true to him!

To manage the jar of marbles, we had to be a extra sneaky. Right before they hopped on the Air Maui Helicopter for their West Maui/Molokai Oceanfront Landing tour, our associate photographer, Marie, hustled down to the parking lot.  She rushed to Mike’s rental car and snagged the jar of marbles Mike had left in his vehicle. Marie hid it in her backpack so Laura wouldn’t get suspicious.  Everyone boarded the private charter, and off they went!


When they touched down, Marie kept the jar of marbles in the helicopter itself so that was Mike could grab it when he was ready.  When the time was right, Mike grabbed the jar out of Marie’s backpack and brought it out to the coastline where he would propose to Laura.  He led his love to the ocean-side and brought out the jar of marbles.  Within the jar he had placed a little pouch with the ring in it.  They talked by the coastline and that’s where he brought out the ring and asked her to marry him.  She, of course, said an emphatic “YES!”


Throughout the whole engagement photo session, Laura just couldn’t contain her excitement!  We even caught her jumping for joy in a couple shots.  Also, we had Caleb from Areca Film Company there to capture all of the pieces of this proposal on video.  Since they did a private charter, which we always love with Air Maui, there was champagne and leis waiting for them afterward.

Mike and Laura:  Congratulations on your breathtaking Maui helicopter surprise proposal!  You two have such a wonderful connection.  Thanks for choosing Engaged on Maui!  Aloha!

Photos by Marie | Helicopter Proposal Package and Storyteller Proposal Package | Video by Areca Film Company

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