Maui Stand Up Paddle Board Proposal

This unique Maui stand up paddle board proposal was such a fun way to start the day!  When I initially talked with Noah on the phone about the proposal, he had an awesome idea!  He wanted to do a morning paddle on their No Snow inflatable paddle boards they were bringing to Maui.  He thought they could paddle on into a beach and then he would propose there.  While my team and I could definitely get beautiful photos of them pulling up onto the beach and proposing, after talking with Noah we felt doing an engagement session in the water would be so true to them and their story.  So, I knew I needed help for this one, so I called up my friend Matias from NV Maui Media who is a master at everything underwater.  Matias was really excited to work with us on this proposal.


Noah and Jennifer were going to hop on their paddle boards early morning from a beach park fronting a hotel in south Maui.  They would paddle about twenty minutes down the coast.  We planned on them coming into a beach that had easy entry from the open water. We chose a beach that had GORGEOUS water for them to have their underwater engagement session.


Rarely does a proposal go exactly according to plan.  However, I think it creates an even sweeter proposal story!  They came up onto shore and there was a little confusion at first.  We had placed a picnic basket at the proposal site as a “marker” where he would pop the question.  Noah couldn’t find it right away, but eventually he came upon it. Matias was snapping away the whole time, and Jennifer was none the wiser.  When Noah found the basket, Charles Nahale, one of our favorite ukulele players on island, came down to them and started playing their song, Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man.” Jennifer, of course, was very confused.  When Noah felt that it was the right moment, he dropped to one knee. BUT he couldn’t get the ring out of his pocket!   This became a super sweet moment because Jennifer knelt down next to him and helped him get the ring out of his pocket.  Then, Noah continued with the proposal after Jennifer stood back up.  She said yes!


At that point, Noah pointed out photographer Matias hiding in the bushes.  Also, one more surprise was Noah had conspired with Jennifer’s parents and his mom to surprise them on that beach after the proposal itself.  That was really cool!  We love when friends and family get involved!  The family came out to the beach and there were lots of tears and joy as she greeted her friends and family.  We then did the half-submerged engagement session.  They were in the water with the stand up paddle board and some really lovely shots of them loving on each other in the ocean on Maui.

man down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend on Maui's South Shore with ukulele player Charles Nahale serenading them

Noah and Jennifer:  Thank you so much for Choosing Engaged on Maui for your unique Maui stand up paddle board proposal!  We were honored to capture your big moment.  And we loved being able to collaborate with NV Maui Media to get you exactly what you wanted!

Photos by Matias of NV Maui Media | Perfect Proposal Package



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