Beauty and the Beast Inspired Proposal at Haiku Mill

Kevin knows how much Wendy loves all things Beauty and the Beast, he thought incorporating the iconic flower from the movie would be nothing short of spectacular for her.  So we put together a Beauty and the Beast Inspired Proposal at Haiku Mill.  Since the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast had just come out, it was perfect timing to put this proposal together for Wendy.


Kevin had told Wendy that they were going to tour a historic sugar plantation–they do have tours of Haiku Mill.  But instead, as soon as they got there, he excused himself to use the restroom.  At that time, my assistant met Kevin around the corner to grab the ring from him.  She was able to plant the ring in this Beauty and the Beast inspired rose box that Kevin had sent to me in the mail.  After my assistant was done planting the ring, Kevin came back from the “bathroom”.


When Kevin came back, Shelby, the onsite coordinator for Haiku Mill, led them to the mill area where their favorite song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran started to play over the speakers.  When he heard the song start to play, he knew it was his time to lead her in. Kevin led Wendy over to the flower, following a path of red rose petals.  He took the flower box, dropped to one knee, opened the secret compartment, and inside was the ring.  He asked her to marry him, and of course the surprised Wendy said yes!


At this point, we popped out of the shadows and made our way to them.  We checked out her beautiful ring and did a short engagement session at the Haiku Mil.  We were able to take some shots with greenery, with stone walls, and in the bridal getting ready suite.  It was a beautiful proposal and engagement session!

Welcome to Haiku Mill Sign gorgeous green and stone entrance to Haiku Mill Beauty and the Beast Rose Diamond engagement ring sitting in silk rose box inspired by Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast rose sitting on a table with rose petals strewn around it Engagement ring in secret compartment of Beauty and the Beast inspired rose box engagement ring on rose petals Pre-proposal set up of Haiku Mill with table set up with Roses and rings Stone front of Haiku Mill topped with ivy a couple walking through Haiku Mill archway Boyfriend and girlfriend walking hand in hand towards table with Beauty and the beast rose on it Man lifting up glass covered rose to show his girlfried Man drops down to one knee and holds Beauty and the Beast rose in his hand Down on one knee, the man is proposing to his girlfriend with roses strewn about Haiku Mill Haiku Mill proposal. Man asking for her hand. Greenery hanging from ceiling and blue skies shining on them. Man asking her "will you marry me" and finally shows her the ring in the secret compartment of the Beauty and the Beast rose Man kneeling, woman shocked with her hands at her face that this is really the moment he's proposing at glorious Haiku Mill She said yes! He is putting a ring on her finger and doing a happy dance. Newly engaged couple hugging in Haiku Mill's ivy laced room Woman crying and hugging her new fiance with waterfall and greenery behind them couple hugging in disbelief and excitement to finally be engaged. Beautiful stone stairs and plants are surrounding them at Haiku Mill. Woman crying with joy hand at her face with a new diamond on it Newly engaged woman showing off her hand with her engagement ring on it Couple holding hands, just engaged, near the site of their engagement with roses lining a path for them to the table with the ring on it engagement photo of woman and man kissing on wooden stairs next to a small room at the Haiku Mill cuddling couple nose to nose sitting on staircase Newly engaged couple snuggling for their engagement shots Woman gazing up at her new fiance, hugging, almost hiding behind the trees Happy couple hugging and celebrating their engagement Fiances standing insisde stone arch-doorway at haiku Mill Fiances kissing on top of stone walkway with beautiful greenery Man coming up to hug his new fiance in a ninja style hug engaged couple sitting on a bench at Haiku Mill Kissing newly engaged couple with sun shining through This couple shares a hug in a bridal suite with sun pouring through the windows a sweet kiss between new fiances in a rustic white room

Kevin and Wendy:  Congratulations on your fun Beauty and the Beast inspired proposal at Haiku Mill.  Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to bring your vision to life!

Photos by Angie | Haiku Mill Proposal Package

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