Romantic Scavenger Hunt Proposal in Maui

Mike reached out to Engaged on Maui back in April wanting help setting up a super romantic and epic proposal for his girlfriend Michelle. He wanted the kid of proposal that would make her friends and family jealous–so we set out to create just that with the help of The Pride of Maui, Honua Kai Hotel, Barnes and Noble, Sugar Beach Bake Shop and Bespoke Destination Events!

Let me tell you, Mike is head-over-heels in love with this woman. Their love story is filled with a lot of heartbreak and difficult times, but also a lot of joy. And Mike knew that he wanted to go over the top of show Michelle that she is the woman of his dreams and no matter what life throws at them next, he wants to be there to stand by her side.

The Plan:

That Friday, Mike and Michelle were scheduled to go on the early morning tour with the Pride of Maui. Captain Tiffany happens to be one of my friends, so the first clue for their scavenger hunt was to be delivered by her after their snorkeling adventure had ended.

From there, they would head back to Honua Kai and get ready–their next clue was also waiting. From Honua Kai they would leave to go to Barnes and Noble to find their next clue.

Hidden in her favorite book, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, was her third clue that would take them to Sugar Beach Bake Shop to pick up some sparkling juice and a picnic basket filled with goodies.

The last clue led them to White Rock Beach, where a romantic blanket was set out and the proposal was set to happen!

The Proposal:

After arriving at White Rock, Mike took his time to proposing to Michelle. He had told her that he wasn’t going to propose that trip, but wanted to do something romantic. She bought it hook, line, and sinker. Because, as she put it, Mike always says what he means.

After 20 minutes of enjoying their picnic, he led her to the water’s edge where he slowly got down on to one knee and asked her to marry him. Now, I was far away and don’t know exactly what was said, but it really looked like she was in shock–after a brief moment, to catch her breath no doubt, she said YES!

The Engagement Session:

We stayed on White Rock Beach for the remainder of our session. We made sure to get plenty of candid fun photos on the beach, but also some on the romantic picnic that the Bespoke ladies had set up!

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0002

pride of maui crew

first clue for proposal scavenger hunt

honua kai hotel in lahaina

pride of maui docking at maalaea harbor

second clue for proposal scavenger hunt

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0007

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0008

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0009

third clue

sugar beach bake shop in kihei, maui

romantic picnic basket for proposal

fourth clue for proposal scavenger hunt

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0014

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0015

walking to beach picnic

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0017

couple on the beach in maui

beach proposal in maui


places to propose in mau

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0021

just after getting engaged on maui

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0023

engaged couple on a beach in maui

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0025

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0026

sunset on beach in maui just engaged

cute engagement picture ideas

Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0029

man picking up fiance on beach

engaged couple in maui, hawaii

engaged couple enjoying sunset on the beach

engaged couple enjoying champagne on the beach

engaged couple looking up at stars on the beach

moon and the stars maui proposal

Mike and Michelle: All of us–from Pride of Maui, Honua Kai, Barnes and Noble, Sugar Beach Bake Shop, Bespoke Destination Events and Engaged on Maui–were so honored to be a part of your incredibly sweet proposal. Your story of love, dedication, and perseverance is one we won’t soon forget.

Congratulations and enjoy every second of your engagement!

Photos by Angie | Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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