Magnificent Afternoon South Maui Proposal

James had a masterful plan of bringing Melissa to Maui and proposing on a beach and having all of her friends surprise her at a mansion that a friend of the family-owned.  It turned out beautifully.  We did this proposal in the middle of the day. Which is something we typically don’t do because the light doesn’t tend to be as flattering as it does early in the morning or at sunset.  James wanted to be sure they left enough time to enjoy the mansion and sunset with their friends after the proposal, so we went for it.  Everything fell into place and it was a magnificent afternoon South Maui proposal.

The Plan:

James chose our Storyteller Package which was an amazing choice because we got to pair our still shots with an awesome videographer at Areca Films.  And when you have a surprise that’s this big, it’s really great to have the video component so you can hear exactly how it went down! Before the proposal, some of the friends went down to the beach in Wailea and set up a blanket and some pillows.

The Proposal:

When James and Melissa showed up to the big, open beach, they walked right up to the blanket set up for them.  When they got to the blanket, James got down on one knee and asked Melissa to marry him.  She of course said YES!  One thing we loved is that James stayed down on his knee for a long time so we were able to get a ton of great action-proposal shots of him down on his knee.

The Engagement Session:

After the proposal, we spent about thirty minutes on the beach taking engagement photos.  And Melissa thought the photo shoot was over.  But, in reality, our associate photographer, Amber, and Areca Film videographer Caleb went to the mansion ahead of her to set up.  Melissa and James showed up about ten minutes later and all the friends popped out from behind the bushes to surprise her!  There were lots of tears, lots of hugging, and lots of celebration!

James and Melissa:  Congratulations on your magnificent afternoon South Maui proposal!  Mahalo for choosing Engaged on Maui to tell your proposal story!

Photographer:  Associate Amber | Package: Storyteller Package | Video: Areca Film Company

Is your story too good to be true? Let Engaged on Maui capture your fairy tale proposal on Maui.  Contact us today!

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