Meet James and Chrystine! Today on the blog, I’m sharing their incredibly romantic West Maui Mountain sunset proposal. Hope you enjoy!

West Maui Mountain Sunset Proposal

When James originally reached out about his intended proposal to Chrystine, he told me he wanted a beautiful, picturesque spot.  But he didn’t know exactly what that was, besides wanting an amazing location on Maui.  And I have to admit, here on Engaged on Maui we do a lot of the same locations for our proposals because that’s what people have seen.  Men tend to be very visual human beings, and they tend to want what they’ve already seen. However, James was willing to take a risk and go on my recommendation. I’m so glad he did because this West Maui Mountain Sunset Proposal was so on point!

The Plan:

We chose an area centrally located between Wailea and Lahaina.  This place is really lovely because the sunsets behind the West Maui Mountains which makes the sky glow.  It’s typically a wide open, empty beach, which makes it incredibly appealing too!

The Proposal:

There were a few fishermen out on the beach that evening, and they stayed near the entrance to the beach manning their fishing poles.  James and Chrystine, meanwhile, walked down the beach a ways, and I discretely followed from behind.  When the moment was right, James got down on one knee and popped the question!  What I really loved was that James stayed down on his knee for a solid minute which gave me a lot of time to get a bunch of shots of her reaction and the setting around them.

The Engagement Session:

We got a really lovely sunset that evening.  They even chose to do an orchid lei exchange–we just loved that!  It gives a little Hawaiian flare to their engagement session.  And lastly, we were just so grateful that James entrusted to capture his proposal but also try out a new location.

James and Christine:  I loved capturing your West Maui Mountain proposal!  Congratulations!

Photos by Angie | Simple Proposal Package

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