Maui Waterfalls and Rainbows Helicopter Proposal

One reason I wanted to highlight this proposal is because we’re coming into the winter months.  For Maui, that means we’ll be seeing some more rainfall than we normally see throughout the rest of the year.  It’s already been quite rainy here lately. And everyone is always concerned with how the weather will impact their proposal.  Which is, of course, a really important question to ask.  We do have locations that are more dry than other locations and doing a helicopter tour is a great way to see what a lot of rain can do to Maui.  This is the perfect example of a gorgeous, avoid-the-rain, Maui waterfalls and rainbows helicopter proposal.


It had been pretty rainy in the days leading up to Chen’s proposal. But we kept a close eye on the weather and we worked with Air Maui and it turns out that this became one of our favorite Cliffside Landing proposals we’ve done yet!


When Chen and Mia got off the helicopter, they wandered around a bit enjoying the view.  Chen then led Mia to the perfect spot, and he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him!  She said, “YES!”  One of my favorite parts of this proposal was how the wind blew the train of her dress.  It looked as if it was dancing!  I love how the wind adds such drama to a moment.


We spent some time after the proposal on an engagement photo session.  We got some incredible shots of the rushing waterfalls in the mountains behind them.  It was really a magnificent day.  There was even a double rainbow on our ride back!

Chen and Mia:  Congratulations on your beautiful Maui waterfalls and rainbows helicopter proposal!  What a treat it was to photograph you!  I was swept away by the beauty of your proposal.

Photos by Associate Ajja | Helicopter Proposal Package

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