Chartered Helicopter Proposal in East Maui | Keenan + Michelle

Chartered Helicopter Proposal in East Maui

Keenan met Michelle in a dance troupe in their senior year of college.  They have been crazy about each other ever since. Recently, they took a super romantic trip to Cancun, and while there talked about getting engaged.  So, while Michelle knew a proposal would be coming at some point, she didn’t know when or where! Booking their last minute trip to Maui, Keenan contacted us to get their chartered helicopter proposal in East Maui off the ground!


When planning this trip, one thing Keenan was really clear about was wanting somewhere incredibly private.  So, the chartered helicopter with just the two of them was the perfect choice! Air Maui was going to take the couple (and our associate photographer Amber) to the East Side of Maui for a private location for their proposal.  


After we touched down, Keenan and Michelle “explored” the location for a bit.  Really, though, Keenan was leading her to just the right spot to propose! When they got to the cliff side, he dropped on one knee and asked Michelle to marry him!  She was so happy! And those blues in the background of these shots just can’t be beat!


After she said “YES!”, we took some shots at this location.  Sometimes this location can get a little windy. So, one thing we LOVED about this proposal was that Keenan opted to tack on a mini-session to their proposal.  We went to a gorgeous white sand beach with views that go on forever! The variety in images we got were incredible!

Keenan and Michelle: Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to set up and photograph your chartered helicopter proposal in East Maui! We love your obvious tenderness and love for each other.  Congratulations!

Photos by Associate Amber | Helicopter Proposal Package + Mini-session

Looking to propose somewhere off the beaten path on Maui?  Contact Engaged on Maui today to plan and photograph your proposal!

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