South Maui Message in a Bottle Proposal

We’ve had a rush lately of really cool couples with really cool jobs.  For example, Katie, our bride-to-be is a professional singer who travels the world.  She recently did a gig in Japan.  See what I mean about having exciting couples lately?  Devin wanted to do something special for his awesome lady.  We came up with the South Maui message in a bottle proposal idea for him. And the proposal went perfectly!


When Devin and I started talking, he quickly decided to do a message in a bottle proposal. He wrote a poem for Katie that he sent us in the mail ahead of time so we could get the bottle all ready.  I loved Devin from the get-go because he was really prompt!  He got there right when we were supposed to meet, which was great!  I was, of course, hiding back in the bushes waiting for them to arrive.


This was one of the most emotion filled proposals we’ve had to date!  He cried, she cried, I teared up!  One thing I loved about this proposal was that Devin stayed down on his knee for at least a minute.  Because of that, I could get a bunch of action shots of the actual proposal!  Afterwards, there were still a few tears, but mostly they were just really stoked to be engaged!


After the proposal, we went to a few other places on South Maui where we were able to get some photos in front of some beautiful, colorful greenery.  At the next spot, we got some shots with some incredible black lava rock.  Lava rock contrasting with greenery is always such a great choice!  We ended the session at one of my favorite beaches. It’s a little bit north of the proposal beach.  We got some great reflections in the water there.  At the end of Devin and Katie’s engagement session, we were able to write in the sand, which is always a fun way to end a session!

message in a bottle on beach couple walking up to message in a bottle on beach

Devin and Katie:  Thank you so much for choosing Engaged on Maui to be a part of your beautiful South Maui message in a bottle proposal!  Best wishes for your life together!!

Photos by Angie | Perfect Proposal Package

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