Stunning Haleakala Sunset Proposal

Steve decided that he wanted to pop the question on the top of Haleakala, our 10,000 foot dormant volcano here in Maui.  We went a little unique in that he chose a stunning Haleakala sunset proposal.


We always love when couples choose to do sunset up there instead of sunrise.  Sunset there typically has way less people up there, and we don’t have to deal with a lot of the weather issues that can arise with a sunrise proposal.  Sunset is a great option for those who want to propose on top of the mountain like Steve did for Brooke.   


When Steve brought Brooke to the spot he was going to propose, he dropped down on one knee.  As soon as he knelt down, her hands flew to her face in surprise and she started laughing.  Reactions to proposal are so varied, and I loved this one!  This proposal above the clouds had the perfect backdrop.  Brooke of course said YES!


We had some really harsh lighting that evening, we didn’t have a lot of cloud diffusion.  But what was super cool about this proposal was that it was the day before the super moon.  So while the sun was setting, this incredible moon was rising.  We got some really great photos with the moon in the background.  It was really cold so we went back and forth between the observatory and coming back out and getting photos.  That way they could defrost a bit between the different photos we were taking.  I’m still swooning over some of these shots and how the light came in!  

Steve and Brooke: Congratulations on your stunning Haleakala sunset proposal! Great choice choosing sunset above the clouds!

Photos by Associate Amber | Simple Proposal Package

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