Romantic Picnic Proposal in Maui

I’ll say this: working with Bespoke Destination Events is always an incredible pleasure. These two ladies put together the most beautiful fully-customized picnic for this romantic picnic proposal in Maui.


Kenny reached out to the ladies of Bespoke Destination Events, who then reached out to me, wanting to do something above-and-beyond for his girlfriend Shey. Both of them had moved here from Colorado with their dog Yogi and he felt this was the next step.

So together with Ashley and Natalie, we planned a romantic picnic, complete with Yogi, a musician (Ryan Robinson), and a little bit of magic.


Kenny and Shey arrived at the beach and walked toward the picnic. It didn’t take long for Shey to realize this was for her! Of course, it was rather hard to hide Yogi! Moments later, Kenny dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him. There were plenty of tears and a clear yes!


Because we had this beautiful set up, we stayed at this beach for the duration of our session. Ryan played some beautiful music for the two of them and they watched the sun fade into the horizon together.

Po'olenalena Beach in Maui, Hawaii

romantic beach set up in maui

pallet beach set up for romantic picnic

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0004

guy and girl walking to proposal site

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0006

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0007

man proposing in wailea, maui

best places to propose in maui

man proposing on beach in maui

kissing after proposal

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0012

excitement after engagement

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0014

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0015

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0017

walking on the beach in maui

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0019

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0020

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0021

dancing on the beach with private musician

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0016

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0023

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0024

romantic candlelit picnic in maui, hawaii

candlelit romantic picnic at night

Surprise Picnic Proposal in Maui_0027

Kenny and Shey: thank you for choosing me to photograph your romantic picnic proposal in Maui! And to the Bespoke ladies: you guys are the best!


Photos by Angie | Picnic Proposal Package | Coordination and Picnic: Bespoke Destination Events | Musician: Ryan Robinson

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