Tinkering with the idea of a Maui morning proposal?  We are here for it! Sunset is known as a romantic time of the day, and for good reason. But we also really love Maui morning proposals! Keep reading to learn why. 

5 Reasons to Choose a Maui Morning Proposal

5. Less people on the beach

Sunset is a popular time to be on the beach. While there are definitely some beaches that tend to be less busy, timing can also help keep crowds down. If you envision a beach proposal and want the moment to be as private as possible, sunrise or early morning is going to be your best bet.

Maui sunrise proposal on the north shore

Morning cliffside proposal in south Maui

4. The lighting is gorgeous for a Maui morning proposal

Sunrise colors can be just as amazing as sunset!

Maui beach sunrise

Fiery sunrise in south Maui

Romantic Maui sunrise

Those pastel hues found at the break of dawn are dreamy.

Maui proposal during pastel sunrise

Newly engaged couple kissing at sunrise on Maui beach

Morning lighting results in intense blues in the sky and ocean that give off that idyllic Hawaii vibe.

Morning engagement session at Maui beach

Couple running on Maui beach

Couple embracing on Maui beach with waves and palm tree in background

Some locations crave ample light to look their best.

Newly engaged couple embracing in Maui forest

Couple kissing as sunlight streams through forest

3. You can throw off her suspicions

If you think she might be expecting a proposal on your Maui vacation, planning an unexpected morning proposal is a fantastic way to surprise her. We can plan something that will fit seamlessly into already existing plans. For example, if you’re going on the Road to Hana, suggest getting an early start to make the most of your time and stopping to “eat breakfast on the beach” before the long stretch of driving. She’ll never suspect a thing!

Surprised reaction after Maui proposal in the morning

2. You’ll be able to keep the romance going all day long with a Maui morning proposal

Getting down on your knee in the morning allows you to relax the rest of the day. It also gives you the chance to make your first day as an engaged couple super epic and memorable. Imagine celebrating your proposal with a horseback ride, helicopter tour, couples massage, or sunset sail AND being able to be in the moment because you won’t be nervous anymore.

Celebrating Maui proposal with helicopter tour

Many of the best restaurants on Maui have gorgeous sunset views and to get prime seating, you have to make your reservation for when they open for dinner service. If you choose a sunset or morning proposal, your evening will be free to snag the best dinner seats. Make sure to tell the restaurant you’ll be celebrating your engagement!

1. Beautiful symbolism for the start of your future together

There’s something so magical about the beginning of a new day, all the possibilities and excitement over what the day is going to bring. Seems like such a fitting time to kickoff the next chapter of your lives as a future married couple!

Sunrise proposal on the north shore of Maui

Maui engagement photos in the morning

Maui sunrise proposal on the beach

Surprise morning proposal on south Maui beach

“Egyptians believe in the power of the sunrise. They believe each morning begins not just a new day, but a new world.”
— Rick Riordan

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