Today on the blog, we are sharing Jimmy and Lahaina’s beautiful Maalaea beach proposal. Grab all the details below!

Beach Proposal in Maalaea

Jimmy wanted to propose somewhere between their hotel in South Maui and where they were going to have dinner, the Lahaina Grill (one of my very favorite spots for food), in West Maui.  We did a little location scouting and found this great place in between both locations that had wide-open beaches, great views of the West Maui Mountains, and some cool palm trees as well. Thus began our beach proposal in Maalaea.

The Plan:

We planned on doing a message in a bottle for this beautiful proposal. Jimmy wrote a really lovely letter to Ariel for their four year anniversary, and we tucked it in a bottle. And just like that, the stage was set!

The Proposal:

We spotted them walking down the beach, and they came to the bottle. Ariel picked it up with some prompting from Jimmy, and she unrolled the letter. When she was done reading the letter, Jimmy got down on one knee and pulled the Ring Stash box out of his pocket and asked her to marry him.  She said a joyful YES! (Ring Stash is a really slim box that you can hide your ring in.  It was great because it wasn’t a big bulky ring box in his pocket that could have clued Ariel in that this was going to be the big moment!)

The Engagement Session:

After some hugging and kissing, Jimmy pointed us out, the secret proposal photographers hiding in the bushes.  Ariel, of course, was super surprised.  I always love this photo when the girl learns that her FIANCE has gone all out for their engagement.  We took a few photos at the proposal beach.  Then, we moved on to another location that was closer to the Lahaina Grill to get some more varied shots. What we really loved about this beach was the incredible driftwood and the golden light. There was a spectacular afterglow that evening with beautiful colors in the sky.  Ariel’s gorgeous eyes just sparkled through the whole session. What a gorgeous bride-to-be!  Jimmy and Ariel were such a great couple to photograph!

And proposing to his girlfriend at a beach proposal in Maalaea

beach proposal in Maalaea, man down on one knee proposing to his love on a beautiful Maui beach


Jimmy and Ariel:  Mahalo for choosing Engaged on Maui to capture your special beach proposal in Maalaea.  Congratulations on your engagement!

Photos by Chantelle | Perfect Proposal Package

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