Maui Birthday Proposal at Plumeria Point | Siavash + Faraneh

Maui Birthday Proposal at Plumeria Point

These two lovebirds were staying at the Four Seasons on their trip to Maui. Not only was it a super special day because it was proposal day, but it was also Faraneh’s birthday.  She knew it was going to be an awesome day.  But she had no idea all the surprises Siavash had in store for her.  Part of the surprise was that Siavash had conspired with their best friends to have them come to be part of dual celebration for her Maui birthday proposal at Plumeria Point.


The plan was they were going to come down from their room and surprise Faraneh with their friends in the lobby.  There was a beautiful cake that the Four Seasons provided, and they were going to to sing a quick happy birthday and start celebrating together.  Siavash was then going to excuse himself saying he forgot his wallet so he would head back to his room. But really he would come meet me at Plumeria Point which is one of our favorite spots on the Four Seasons property.  He would wait for Faraneh there so he could propose.


When Siavash left the group, I was able to get a few ninja shots of Faraneh enjoying her surprise visitors.  Then we quickly skirted off to Plumeria Point to await her arrival. We love working with the staff of the Four Seasons because everything is always planned beautifully and runs like clockwork.  It was perfect. The stairway leading up to the beautiful Plumeria Point was strewn with rose petals, and Siavash waited patiently there for his love.  Not two minutes later, Faraneh and her friends came around the corner and saw Siavash waiting for her at this gorgeous spot! Once she saw him, she headed right towards him and floated up the rose-petal lined staircase.  Siavash dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.  She, of course, said, “Yes!”  It was a really lovely moment.


Siavash quickly pointed me out, and of course I love that moment when she sees the photographer hiding for the first time!  The Four Seasons was ready with glasses of champagne to celebrate the new fiances.  Then we went down to the beach to do a quick little engagement session.  Afterwards, they were headed to a fancy dinner at Ferraro’s.  What a great night!

Siavash and Faraneh:  Congratulations on your Maui birthday proposal at Plumeria Point!  I’m so happy Engaged on Maui got to be a part of your special day!  What a happy birthday you had, Faraneh!

,Photos by Angie |  Simple Proposal

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