Romantic Maui Scavenger Hunt Proposal | Ken + Lisa

Romantic Maui Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Ken and Lisa came to Maui all the way from Australia.  He wanted to do something a little different for his proposal to Lisa–a romantic Maui scavenger hunt!  Between the two of us, we came up with the locations.  Ken trusted me to put together the clues. As a former English teacher, I love to rhyme, so every clue had a little bit of a rhyme scheme.  Also, I mapped out everything ahead of time for Ken so he’d know exactly where to go.  Although, he pretended he had no idea where the next clue would be as to not tip off Lisa.


First, Ken had to tell Lisa that the scavenger hunt was a tourist attraction he’d found online, so she wasn’t thinking a proposal was about to happen.  Then, they started their hunt in the northern part of South Maui. And the plan was for the clues to lead her farther and farther south winding up in the Makena area.  There, we had an aisle-way of orchids waiting on a semi-private beach with a ukulele player, Charles Nahale.  Charles is one of my favorite ukulele players.  He’s so genuine and kind and talented.


When Ken and Lisa followed their last clue to the beach, they walked up the orchid aisle to the ukulele player and Charles played them a beautiful song.  Then Charles handed the ukulele over to Ken, and Ken played Lisa a song he had written just for her.  Ken gave the ukulele back and Charles played another song while Ken dropped to one knee and asked Lisa to marry him.


After he proposed, me popping out of the bushes with cameras ready was Lisa’s third surprise for the day.  The first two surprises being the scavenger hunt made just for her and Ken’s beautiful proposal.  For the engagement photo session, we hit several different locations in South Maui.  It was pretty voggy that day, but we still got great colors in the sky!  What an adventure!

Clue #1 box scavenger hunt clue in box with orchids couple reading scavenger hunt clues on lava rocks on Maui man and woman walking on sand Couple reading second scavenger hunt clue with ocean in the distance woman holding scavenger hunt clue engagement ring on hand couple finding scavenger hunt clue with water splashing off lava rocks Scavenger Hunt Clue at ocen South Maui beach with black rocks and palm trees aisle of orchids and ukulele player Charles Nahale Couple walking hand in hand towards orchid aisle and ukulele player South Maui beach with couple holding hands being serenaded by Ukulele player boyfriend playing ukulele song for girlfriend standing in aisleway of orchids and the sea splashing behind them Charles Nahale, ukulele player, playing for couple standing in row of flowers holding hands facing eachother Man down on one knee proposing on South Maui beach man down on one knee proposing on tropical Maui beach man proposing to girlfriend on gorgeous maui beach Man down on one knee proposing to girlfriend, she's so surprised with her hands at her face couple hugging after they just got engaged, flowers on the beach surrounding them newly engaged couple standing together on a beach, her laughing in surprise as he points out the photographer portrait of newly engaged couple with ukulele player ukulele player serenading couple, close up fiances walking hand in hand down south Maui beach Couple kissing atop of lava rock with ocean spraying at the shore fiances cuddling in front of flowers snuggling newly engaged couple on incredible driftwood tree in Maui engagement photo of couple hugging on Maui beach fiances running hand in hand up beach towards camera Round Solitaire engagement ring engaged couple with feet in the ocean, backs to the camera, sharing a kiss She said Yes! Written in the sand engagement ring photo in the sand

Ken and Lisa:  Thanks for choosing Engaged on Maui to be a part of your proposal!  I had a great time creating your Romantic Maui Scavenger Hunt Proposal!

Photos by Angie | Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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