Private sunset sailboat proposal

Private Sunset Sailboat Proposal

Yash and Astha met during freshman year of college. They became friends, then best friends, and finally started dating at the end of that year. Ten years later, after they had seen each other grow and been through long distance, Yash was excited to take the next step with a private sunset sailboat proposal.


Privacy was key for his proposal. Right away, Yash was deliberating between proposing at a private landing during a helicopter tour or a sailboat proposal. With either option, it could just be the two of them plus the photographer and crew (helicopter pilot or sailboat captain and first mate).

Since Yash chose a private sunset sailboat proposal, the plan was for our photographer Angie to pretend like she was training to be part of the crew while also taking some new marketing photos during the sail.

We worked with Maui Custom Charters. They are experts on the water and really helped us pull off the plan.


When it was time for Yash to propose, he led Astha to the bow and paused so Angie could get into position. He got down on one knee and stayed down long enough for Angie to get some great shots of the moment Astha said yes.


After the proposal, Yash and Astha celebrated with some champagne and engagement photos around the Nova as the sun set in the distance.

Boarding the Nova at Maalaea Harbor

Safety briefing with Captain Anna of Maui Custom Charters

Candid photo of couple before their proposal

View of Maui's windmills from the ocean

Enjoying the view from the bow before the proposal

Yash getting ready for his private sunset sailboat proposal

Private sunset sailboat proposal with Engaged on Maui and Maui Custom Charters

Private sunset sailboat proposal

Putting the engagement ring on after sailboat proposal

Embrace after sailboat proposal

Closeup of couple holding hands aboard boat with new engagement ring on

Showing off engagement ring aboard sailboat with ocean in the background

Celebrating engagement on the sailboat with champagne

Sitting on boat, looking out at Maui

Kissing and champagne toast after private sunset sailboat proposal

Putting noses together and holding each other aboard sailboat

Yash puts his forehead on Astha and looks at her while she gazes at her new engagement ring

Yash and Astha kissing with Astha's hand on Yash's neck, showing off her new engagement ring

Thin ring box

Sitting together at the stern of the boat before sunset

Sitting at the stern and kissing

Standing at the bow of the boat at sunset, smiling for the camera

Wide shot of Yash and Astha kissing at the bow with the Maui sunset behind them

Yash and Astha: Thank you for letting us be a small part of the next exciting chapter in your lives! We hope whenever you’re in the ocean, you’re reminded of your beautiful private sunset sailboat proposal in Maui!

Photographed by Angie | Classic Nova Collection

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