Wide shot of Maui cliff proposal

Cliff Proposal in Maui

Sometimes, backup plans turn out to be for the best. That certainly was the case for this dreamy Maui cliff proposal.


Andrew originally got in touch with us for a Haleakala sunrise proposal. He and Katarina had already reserved one ticket to watch the sunrise at the summit of Haleakala, so he thought it would fit in perfectly with their plans to propose there.

The only problem – when we went to make a reservation for our photographer, the sunrise tickets were all sold out! Each vehicle needs a reservation to go up to watch the sunrise at the summit of Haleakala. Since they only had one ticket, there were a few options.

1. Wait until two days before the date to see if we could secure a second ticket for our photographer.

2. Our photographer would be able to get into the national park without a reservation after 7am. Andrew and Katarina would watch the sunrise together and stick around Haleakala until after 7am for the proposal.

3. Pick a different plan.

Andrew discreetly floated the idea of sticking around after sunrise but it wasn’t in the cards, so option #2 was out.

We decided to combine options #1 and #4. We waited to see if we could get another ticket but figured out a backup plan in the meantime. That way, if we weren’t able to secure a Haleakala sunrise reservation for the day they were going, we would already know the new plan and wouldn’t need to scramble to come up with something else so close to the date.

Andrew was going to be on a flight when the second batch of Haleakala sunrise reservation tickets were released and recruited some loved ones to help out. This was our only chance to get a ticket so we could make a Haleakala sunrise proposal happen. We were logged in and ready to reserve a ticket on our end. His team was in place as well. Even with 10 of us trying, we weren’t able to get a second reservation. We clicked to reserve a ticket as soon as they were available, but the system was processing for a couple minutes, saying it was trying to secure the reservation (which really gave us hope), and then finally said tickets were all sold out.

Andrew even called the recreation.gov office, which is where you buy the tickets from, to explain the situation and see if any exceptions could be made. They said the only way for our photographer to get in to the park for sunrise without her own reservation would be to ride with someone who did have a reservation since the tickets are per vehicle, not per person.

We had previously discussed the idea of our photographer pretending that her car broke down and for Andrew and Katarina to pick her up. But this seemed too suspicious and also potentially unsafe for our photographer. What if someone else stopped to help her first? What if Katarina (understandably) didn’t want to pick up a stranger on the side of the road in the dark? There were too many variables to go wrong, so this wasn’t really an option.

With the hopes of a Haleakala sunrise proposal dashed, we moved on to the plan for the cliff proposal. This worked because Andrew and Katarina already had dinner reservations at a nearby restaurant. They could conveniently stop at the cliff to take in the view on their way to dinner.


With this location, the weather and lighting can really affect the colors of the cliff and sky in photos. It was beautifully sunny when Andrew brought Katarina to the cliff. The light sparkled off the ocean in the background.

Katarina looked gorgeous in her white dress, all ready for a nice dinner. She would not have been able to be dressed this way for a proposal on Haleakala. Up there, it’s more appropriate to be all bundled up for comfort and warmth, especially for sunrise.

She was so thrilled when Andrew asked her to marry him! Of course it was a huge yes!


After all that planning (we basically planned two proposals), Andrew was relieved.

Our photographer Tenessa took them all around the area. They explored more of the cliff, found some greenery, and ended with sunset on the beach. Their gallery had a little bit of everything.

As soon as we saw the sneak peeks, we knew everything had worked out just as it was meant to be. Andrew knew Katarina would love hearing the backstory and all the effort that went into planning.

It’s truly a great reminder to those planning their proposal: even if your first choice doesn’t work out, your sweetie doesn’t know that. As long as you’ve put thought behind it being a plan they would like (even if it’s a Plan B or a Plan C to you), it’s going to be beautiful to them… and it will make for an even better story.

Andrew and Katarina wrote, “These photos are absolutely STUNNING. Thank you SO much for capturing one of the most important moments of our lives in such a beautiful and touching way. Ps – our moms are just freaking out about how gorgeous these are. Thank you again! This means everything to us.”

Dreamy Maui cliff proposal

Maui cliff proposal on a sunny day

Wide shot of Maui cliff proposal

Sunny Maui cliff proposal

Kiss after Maui cliff proposal

Putting on new engagement ring

Maui engagement photos on clifftop with ocean in the background

Couple standing facing each other. He is holding her waist, she is holding his arms.

Couple standing on smooth lava rocks. His hand is around her waist. Her hand is on his suit jacket, showing off her new engagement ring.

She has her hands around him, one hand around his neck, the other around his back. He is kissing her cheek.

Katarina is looking at the camera with her arms around Andrew as he faces away.

Kiss on lava rocks with ocean waves splashing in the background

Andrew is standing behind Katarina, kissing her forehead and wrapping his arms around her as she grabs his hands

Couple standing in an embrace, their reflection in the puddle of water in front of them

Engagement photos after Maui cliff proposal. Couple walking on the walks. She is in front, leading him.

Engagement photos after Maui cliff proposal. Couple kissing with greenery and palm tree in background

Maui engagement session after clifftop proposal

Hands are cupped holding sand with engagement ring nestled inside

Andrew is kissing Katarina's forehead as they stand in the shorebreak

Laughing while getting their feet wet in the ocean

Beach engagement photos - couple standing tummy to tummy, looking at each other adoringly

Dancing on a Maui beach at sunset

Couple holding each with their noses together, laughing

Couple kissing on the beach. He had his hands around her waist, she has her hands on his face

Andrew and Katarina: Thank you for trusting us to capture such a special moment and reminding us that everything works out in the end!

Photographed by Associate Tenessa | Perfect Proposal Package

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