Today’s elegant proposal comes to you from the Four Seasons Resort here in Maui. You are going to love this one!

Elegant Proposal at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Zia and Sarah were high school sweethearts and after 9 years together, Zia was ready to propose! When describing Sarah, Zia said, “Sarah loves the color pink, Tinkerbell, fairy lights, Taylor Swift, and anything aesthetically pretty.” He knew that Sarah would want him to propose amidst a gorgeous set up, so this elegant proposal at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea was just right for them.

Zia loved that Plumeria Point at the Four Seasons would allow us to create a private, romantic atmosphere with lighting, rose petals, and candles. Most importantly, the ocean was close by, so Sarah could have the stunning proposal of her dreams and then they could get lovely photos on the beach to reflect their time in Maui.


Zia and Sarah were staying at a nearby resort and the cover story was that they were coming to the Four Seasons to look around at the beautiful grounds. We planned for Zia to take a certain route when an employee would come up and offer to take their picture.

Four Seasons has a resident photographer whose job is to go up to guests and offer to take photos of them around sunset. The idea being that when he approached our couple it would not seem suspicious because this is truly his job.

The staged photographer would take a few photos of them and then say there was one more place they should get a photo and lead them to Plumeria Point. Meanwhile, the scene was set and we were hiding, waiting for them to arrive.


Once Zia and Sarah reached Plumeria Point, the staged photographer posed them for their photo. Instead of posing for the photo, Zia dropped to one knee! Sarah had the best reaction. They kept kissing and hugging, so we captured all those candid moments before coming out of hiding.


We took a few photos around Plumeria Point and quickly headed down to the beach. The lighting was amazing that evening and we were blessed with a vibrant sunset. After dark, we walked back up to Plumeria Point to capture the dramatic beauty of the set up at night.

Plumeria Point at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Rose petals scattered for Four Seasons Maui proposal

Couple arriving to surprise proposal

Before surprise Maui proposal

Romantic proposal at Four Seasons Maui

Reaction to surprise Maui proposal

Proposal framed by plumeria trees in Maui

Private Maui proposal with ocean view

Reaction to engagement ring

Excitement after Maui proposal

Putting engagement ring on

Embracing after elegant Maui proposal

Kiss after engagement

Just engaged at Plumeria Point at Four Seasons Maui at Wailea

Overjoyed after Maui proposal

Beautiful proposal set up at Four Seasons Maui

Engagement session on Wailea Beach

Engagement ring held in sand

Swept off her feet on the beach

Woman looking at the camera, man focused on her

Just engaged kiss

Couple facing the ocean during sunset

Woman leading man on the sand

Couple during engagement session after sunset

Maui engagement session during colorful sunset

Silhouette of couple kissing on beach at sunset

Couple at Four Seasons Maui Plumeria Point after proposal at night

Couple under bistro lights after proposal

Couple amidst candlelight and bistro lighting

Romantic candlelight Maui engagement session

Zia and Sarah: Congratulations on your stunning proposal at Four Seasons Maui! Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to be part of your special day!

Photos by Angie | Perfect Proposal Package

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