Proposal at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Michael wanted to do something that was a little bit different.  He and his sweet girlfriend Emily are self-proclaimed as “not a beach couple.” He wanted something unique, and he was really drawn to having a proposal at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm.  We were totally on board with this location because we just love doing stuff that is different. 


I had been in contact with Michael for a couple months, and we went back and forth talking about the growing seasons and when the lavender would be in bloom because they have different harvesting seasons.  When we did location scouting, we looked at about four different spots at the lavender farm. We ultimately chose this deck with a beautiful view looking over all of Maui from above. The first date we had chosen for this proposal actually got rained out. We had a crazy storm roll through, and we even had thunderstorms which is incredibly unusual for us.  Michael was so awesome he just rolled with the punches. We decided that we were going to go for it a few days later. 


As they walked in through the fields of blooming lavender, we started snapping away.  Down on the deck, we had a little setup of lavender coffee and lavender scones from the farm ready for them as they walked over. They went to enjoy the deck on their own for a bit and when Michael was ready he dropped down to one knee and popped the question!  Of course she said YES! 


We did some of our engagement session around the lavender farm and then we drove up further into the mountain. We went into the forest up there, and it was awesome because the clouds roll in right on top of you. This photo session was so diverse because we had the bright colors of the lavender farm and then this romantic light that came through the forest for the later part of our session.  This couple was so endearing, they were laughing together the whole day. 

breathtaking view of Maui

Set up of romantic picnic

couple walking into Maui Lavender farm holding hand with huge Maui pines behind them

engaged on Maui's sneaky shots of couple at their romantic lavender tea session on private deck before he asks her to marry him

long shot of Maui from upcountry, sneaky photographer shot of couple just before proposal

proposal at Ali'i Kula lavender farm

couple kissing and hugging at lavedener farm on Maui just before proposal

man down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend

couple kissing on deck that looks down on the valley of Maui

stunning view of Maui from the side of Haleakala

a sweet date captured with man and woman sitting on a private deck overlooking all of Maui, at the lavender farm

happy lovebirds laughing together at a private picnic at the lavender farm on a wooden deck

woman showing off her ring with perfectly manicured nails

newly engaged couple standing on deck at Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm on Maui overlooking the Maui valley

man tucking his fiance's hair behind her ear during their engagement session

man going in for the kiss as his fiance laughs at him

newly engaged couple sharing a kiss and showing off her awesome ring

huge unique engagement ring sitting on wood rail and surrounded by floral lavender

couple walking together hand in hand through the lavender fields

fiances strolling through the Ali'i Kula Lavender farm after their romantic proposal

couple sitting on a white bench together on the side of Haleakala with clouds just above them and lavender fields surrounding them

engaged couple with the perfect ring pose showing off her massive unique diamond ring

at the entrance of Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm a group of people gather and chat in a circle

Friends and family snapshot everyone glowing

sweet couple holding hands woman with her head on her love's shoulder and he's kissing her forehead, clouds rolling in on them as they are on the side of a mountain

man whispering secret in his love's ear in a foggy forest

Man with arms wrapped around his bride-to-be on grassy Haleakala with fog rolling in

lovers laughing and cuddling on the side of a forested mountain

sweethearts laughing together as they walk down a road in a forest

Couple posing on a road in Upcountry Maui

Michael and Emily:  Thank you so much for changing it up with your proposal at Ali’i Kula Lavendar Farm!  We loved every minute of it!

Photos by Associate Chantelle | Perfect Proposal Package

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