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Joey + Jaimie | Maui Beach Proposal at Ironwoods Beach

Maui Beach Proposal at Ironwoods Beach

Their story began in college.She was an editor for the school’s magazine, and he was an editor for the school’s newspaper. According to Joey, they were the most annoying kids in class because they were always talking to one another. But really they were simply falling in love. May 22 marked 5 years for them…and Joey had big plans to ask Jaimie to spend the rest of her life as his wife.

The Plan:

Originally, we planned on Ukumehame Beach as a proposal site, but a few days before the big day a HUGE south swell came in. Ukumehame is a popular surf spot, so the beach was absolutely packed.

We waited until the day-of to pick the spot. He chose Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua as the spot.

The Proposal:

Joey led Jaimie down to the beach. It was their last night on Maui, so they had planned to watch the sunset together anyway. It was the perfect distraction.

They laid down a blanket, but then Joey stood up and led Jaimie to the shoreline.

He dropped to one knee, and asked her to marry him. There were tears, a lot of mouth-covering, but mostly a whole lot of smiling!

The Engagement Session:

We stayed at Ironwoods for the duration of our session. Between the cliffs on the west end of the beach, a rainbow to teh north, the setting sun, and the light breeze, we had an absolutely perfect engagement session. And that smile–I swear, it must have been the first thing Joey noticed about Jaimie. Their energy together was infectious and laughter-filled.

Beach Proposal at Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua Maui_0001

heading out to the beach to propose

proposing on ironwoods beach in maui hawaii

beach proposal maui, hawaii

putting the ring on after she said yes

hugging after getting engaged on maui

excited after getting engaged

engagement ring solitaire diamond

engaged couple walking on the beach

black and white photo of engaged couple laughing

engagement photography with blue skies

Beach Proposal at Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua Maui_0012

waves breaking at ironwoods beach with engaged couple

rainbow at ironwoods beach in kapalua, maui

kissing on lava rocks in kapalua, Maui, hawaii

engaged couple sitting on rocks at ironwoods beach, maui

couple getting splashed in the ocean in maui

couple dancing on the beach with storm and sunset in maui

couple dancing with storm in background

solitaire engagement ring on lava rock

Couple on beach in kapalua , maui, hawaii

sunset at ironwoods beach in maui, hawaii

Joey and Jaimie: I loved every second of Maui beach proposal at Ironwoods Beach!

Photos by Angie | Perfect Proposal Package

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