Al + Cristina | Haleakala Sunrise Proposal in Maui, Hawaii

Haleakala Sunrise Proposal in Maui, Hawaii

If distance makes the heart grow fonder, then Al and Cristina are the perfect example of how a long distance relationship can stand the test of time. Everything about this Haleakala sunrise proposal has me swooning. Absolutely.everything.

The Plan:

Sunrise on the top of Haleakala was always the plan. We met up at the summit while Cristina slept in the car. As sunrise got closer, Al went to get Cristina from the car and take her to the most secluded spot he could find.

The Proposal:

As first morning light broke over the ocean of clouds at 10,023 feet, Al professed his love to Cristina. I don’t know what was said in the moment, but this is what Al had to say about the love of his life:

“What better setting to ask the most beautiful woman I know than to propose with the majestic sun as our witness. Probably the closest I’ll get to heaven with her, alive. I want to do it at sunrise. A new beginning. A new chapter of our lives together…We’ve been a couple for 12 years now (since February 22, 2003). How did I know she was the one? Seven years of long distance, not one day passed by that I did not think of her and wish we were together. She waited for me faithfully and became a part of my family back home attending all the reunions and milestones of my family as my “proxy”. Thank God for the internet we’re able to keep in touch as often as we want to. But yes, I love her more than anyone I’ve known and I’m so excited to ask her to be my wife!”

The Engagement Session:

After Cristina say YES! we went to a few spots at the summit of Haleakala and then further down the mountain. We broke up the session by driving to each location so we could defrost ourselves; it was 42 degrees at the summit! Brr!

We ended our session at the Kula Lodge where we were surrounded by awesome purple jacaranda trees.

haleakala stars

waiting for sunrise on haleakala

couple waiting for sunrise haleakala maui

couple looking over haleakala crater in maui, hawaii

couple in love on top of haleakala

Haleakala sunrise proposal photography

just engaged on top of a mountain at sunrise

putting on engagement ring at sunrise

first kiss after engaged on haleakala at sunrise

Sunrise Haleakala Proposal - Maui Proposal Photographer_0010

Sunrise Haleakala Proposal - Maui Proposal Photographer_0011

Sunrise Haleakala Proposal - Maui Proposal Photographer_0012

Sunrise Haleakala Proposal - Maui Proposal Photographer_0013

Sunrise Haleakala Proposal - Maui Proposal Photographer_0014

couple kissing on haleakala

engagement photos on a volcano

black and white photo on Maui Haleakala

Engaged on a volcano in maui above the clouds

engaged couple in Haleakala's crater
reflection in glass on top of Haleakala

couple laughing on top of Haleakala

Couple standing on top of mountain in Maui

Sunrise Haleakala Proposal - Maui Proposal Photographer_0022

cushion set square diamond engagement ring

engaged couple under jacaranda tree in maui

Al and Cristina: it was an absolute pleasure being present for your Haleakala sunrise proposal. What a beautiful new chapter of your lives you have started. I’m so honored to have documented the very first sentence of that new chapter!

Photos by Angie | Haleakala Proposal Packet

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