Maui Rainy Day Proposal

This couple came all the way from Dallas, Texas to have the proposal of their dreams!  I wanted to showcase this lovely Maui rainy day proposal so everyone can see that even if we have some sprinkles or a dreary skies on your big day, it can still turn out really beautifully.


Behram chose the black sand beach, which is quickly becoming one of our most popular locations.  He was looking for a beach with a little more exotic feel than a typical tropical beach.  You can’t go wrong with this location!  While it was overcast that day, this session still turned out to be so beautiful!  


I absolutely love the proposal shots that show the rain in the background.  I think there is something really romantic about rain and proposals.  We got some sprinkles during the proposal.  Vivienne had some sweet tears as Behram dropped to one knee.  And she had some more tears as he pointed out the proposal photographer sneakily taking photos of their engagement!  We could just feel the love these two have for each other in every shot!


But–you know the way weather works in Maui–that rain blew through and we ended up having some really beautiful light for the rest of their engagement session.  After we got some initial shots on the proposal beach, we headed to another location with bright flowers and greenery.  We returned to the black sand beach at the end of the session with an outfit change!  And we got some awesome photos there after the rain had passed through.  

Behram and Vivienne:  Congratulations on your gorgeous Maui rainy day proposal!  I just loved how these images came out and truly shows your adoration for one another!

Photographs by Associate Marie | Perfect Proposal Package

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