Dean’s Letter South Maui Proposal | Reggie + Maya

Dean’s Letter South Maui Proposal

This couple came to Maui in May right after Maya got out of college for the semester.  She had just been accepted to med school.  With that in mind, Reggie came up with a great idea to surprise her with a Dean’s Letter South Maui Proposal, and we helped him pull it off just right!


Reggie wanted to pop the question, and he wanted to make it extra special by including her recent acceptance into the University of Illinois College of Medicine.  So, he made up a mock letter from the Dean of the school.  Before they came to Maui, he sent the letter over to us, and we placed it in a bottle on the beach.


Ready and waiting, our associate photographer Marie spotted the couple strolling down the beach and started snapping shots.  Reggie led Maya right to the letter in the bottle, and she opened it up. The letter is super sweet, and the last sentence says, “The guy next to you wants to ask you a very important question.”  And that’s when Maya turned around and Reggie was down on one knee.  She was so surprised!  Of course she said YES!  This couple’s chemistry is just palpable.  Anyone with them for even a moment wants to be best friends with them.


We had a beautiful day in South Maui and we had an epic sunset.  We found a couple of fun locations on this beach to get some shots.  First, they hopped up on a sailboat in the sand–Maya had a killer model pose up there.  Then we found some gorgeous natural features for them to snuggle on: some lava rocks and a driftwood log.  So glad these two came all the way from Illinois to get engaged!

Gorgeous South Maui day, beach and water, and clear Maui Sky

Message in a bottle South Maui

secret shot of couple walking down the beach at South Maui

couple finding a message in a bottle on South Maui beach

man down on one knee proposing

man proposing to his girlfriend on South Maui beach

man down on one knee, woman bending down to kiss him

couple standing on beach in shock after proposal and smiling at the surprise proposal photographer he booked

man pointing out secret photographer to his fiance

couple on beach just after engagement, both smiling and basking in just engaged joy

mock deans letter actually a proposal letter

man hugging fiance just after proposal

engaged couple beach shot, couple hugging just after proposal

woman hugging her fiances neck, showcasing diamond engagement ring

engaged couple in model pose on a sailboat

couple kissing in field

cuddling engaged couple on driftwood tree

engaged couple hugging on awesome lava rock

engaged couple holding hands walking down beach feet in the surf

engagement shot, holding hands

fiances sharing a snuggle on a Maui beach

new fiances kissing on beach at sunset

newly engaged couple walking through the ocean at sunset

epic Maui sunset

Reggie and Maya: Congratulations on your clever dean’s letter South Maui proposal.  Thanks for choosing Engaged on Maui to help you pull off the perfect proposal!

Photos by Marie | Simple Proposal Package



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