Wide Open Beach Proposal in West Maui | Dave + Rianna

Wide Open Beach Proposal in West Maui

Dave and Rianna had a gorgeous wide open beach proposal in West Maui.  These two met a year and a half ago through mutual friends and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  When Dave found out his company was sending him to Maui on a business trip, he knew it was the perfect time to ask Rianna to marry him!


Dave’s sister helped with the sneaky part of “how will he get her to go to this beach?”  The sister told Rianna that she and her boyfriend went to this incredible beach (the proposal beach) the day before and Rianna had to see it.  And the plan was set. Before arriving, Dave sent us a really nice photo album that he had made himself.  We planted it on the beach just before they arrived.  We were a little bit concerned about the weather that day, but we were watching the radar.


This was a lucky day for us!  The sprinkles kind of scared everyone else off, so they pretty much had the beach all to themselves for the proposal.  When the proposal itself happened there was absolutely no one around.  One thing I loved about this proposal was that they were both down on their knees when he popped the question!  It really made for some cool, different images for their proposal.


During the engagement session, we stayed at that beach where we did get some sprinkles, but that did not dissuade them from hugging and loving on each other.  After a bit of time spent at that beach, we went over to another beach in Northwest Maui.
Typically, this beach has a lot of people, but it was wide open for them this day!  We got some incredible shots at this beach!

Photo book laying on the sand

girlfriend and boyfriend walking down the beach

couple on a beach, woman surprised to find a photo book of herself on the beach

boyfriend and girlfriend crouched down on the beach looking through a photo album he made

couple, both on their knees, and the man just turned to propose to her!

beach proposal, down on one knee

couple hugging kneeling on a Maui beach just after the proposal

man putting engagement ring on the woman he just asked to marry him

couple, kneeling in the sand, looking at the diamond engagement ring he just gave her

newly engaged couple kissing on the beach, kneeling in the sand.

couple cuddling on beach just after proposal, photo book at their feet in the sand

new fiance amazed by her diamond engagement ring, staring at it

newly engaged couple sharing a kiss, holding the album he made for her

romantic shot of couple walking down beach , footprints in the sand

fiances walking down beach, arms around each other, woman cracking up

sweet snuggle from the newly engaged couple, his arms around her

incredible engagement photo. couple in tide pool with rocks surrounding them and reflections in the pool

engagement shot next to cool West Maui rock

high angle shot of newly engaged couple snuggling with their feet in the soft waves of the ocean

pear shaped diamond ring with halo perched upon a baby coconut

romantic kiss between brand new fiances

engagement session of just engaged couple, their feet are in the water and he's surprise hugging her from behind

fiances standing upon small lava rock and holding hands

cool rock in West Maui next to the ocean, couple standing next to it, barely in the water

couple madly in love taking their sweetheart shots on Maui

sweethearts, newly engaged, gazing at the ocean together, holding hands

wind and rain whipping through her hair as the new fiances share a passionate kiss

couple admiring her new pear shaped diamond engagement ring

Dave and Rianna:  Congratulations on your wide open beach proposal in West Maui!  Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to plan and photograph your proposal.

Photos by Marie | Perfect Proposal Package



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