Sunrise Proposal on Haleakala

The night before the big event, I got an email from Justin asking me to photograph his proposal…on top of Haleakala…at SUNRISE.

The sun was set to rise at 6:50 AM that day. Which means in order for us to get there, we have to leave at nearly 4:00 AM! Yikes! But we put the plan in place, agreeing to meet that next morning before first morning’s light atop Hawaii’s only dormant volcano.

The Plan:

I left my home extra early to get to the summit well before Justin and Annie showed up. Our plan (Justin and myself) was to meet at the bathrooms. I would be the tall blonde one, he’d be the one looking around for me!

We found each other rather quickly and discussed the last minute details. Meanwhile, Annie peacefully slept in Justin’s 4-Runner, unaware of what was about to go down.

haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0019

The Proposal:

I watched Justing pretty intently at the 6:00 AM mark. As both he and Annie exited their car, I followed close by. We got up to the proposal spot by 6:10 and then patiently waited for first light.

haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0001haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0002

Now, Justin and Annie had this running joke about proposing with a candy ring. So those photos you see below…that’s a candy ring he pulled out. You can see just how amused she is!

haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0003

But then he pulled out the REAL ring! Surprised isn’t a big enough word, I don’t think!haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0004haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0005haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0006

Yeah Justin, you did good.haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0007

The Engagement Session:

As soon as I was pointed out, Annie was on board! She was laughing while still wiping away tears, jumping up and down, and doing a happy little jig! She was so excited to be engaged!

haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0008haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0009haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0010

After I snapped a few shots up top, we headed up to the very top of the summit for some photos. It was chilly up there, so blankets and hot chocolate were exactly what the doctor ordered.haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0011haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0012haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0013haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0014haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0015

On our way back down the mountain we pulled off to one of my favorite lookouts to grab a few images. You would think that maybe their excitement would have started to wane by this point…you would be wrong 🙂haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0016haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0017

There they are! Engaged on Maui!haleakala, maui proposal photographer_0018

Justin and Annie: What a privilege it was to be your Maui proposal photographer on top of Haleakala! You two are just so darn cute together I can’t hardly get over it.

A big congratulations to you both!

Photos by Angie | Haleakala Proposal Package

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  1. Congratulations to a beautiful future together. May you both be blessed in God’s glory.

  2. this is a fairy tale you’re living – so unreal! Praise God for bring you two together and for what He has in store for your lives into the future!

  3. The photos are absolutely AMAZING!!! Beautiful plan, beautiful setting, beautiful couple, beautiful life ahead. 🙂

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