Gorgeous Kapalua Bay Proposal at Merriman’s

It was one of those days where we had a huge backup on the Pali (the road that goes to Lahaina) and the sky threatened to open up and pour at any moment, but by-golly this proposal worked out amazingly well! This gorgeous Kapalua Bay proposal at Merriman’s had everything a proposal should have: lava rock, sand, personalization, and a ton of emotion!


Nate had planned a romantic dinner at one of my favorite places in West Maui: Merriman’s in Kapalua. After dinner, the plan was to lead Kim down to the rocks, where she would discover a gorgeous book Nate had made for her. I added in some orchid flowers just to spice it up a bit.


Dinner ran a touch behind – but as I always say – better late than early when it comes to proposals! It began to sprinkle and I crossed my fingers. Please, please, please, don’t rain! Luckily, it only rained for two minutes or so – and then Nate and Kim appeared from the bushes. He led her over to the spot with the book. Her laughter was contagious even from a distance! When she got to the last page, Nate got down on one knee. I’m pretty sure she said yes like three time!


For the engagement session, we opted to stay close to Merriman’s. We did some photos on the rocks and then headed down to Kapalua Bay to finish out our session. The evening was dark to begin with so we didn’t think we would get much of a sunset. Turns out that the sunset we got was AMAZING! I haven’t seen pinks like that in a really, really long time!

gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0001 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0002 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0003 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0004 proposal with photo book kapalua bay proposal gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans wedding proposal at merriman's in maui gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0009 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0010 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0011 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0012 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0013 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0014 kapalua bay proposal maui, hawaii gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0016 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0017 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0018 gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0019 engagement photos at kapaula bay gorgeous-kapalua-bay-proposal-at-merrimans_0021



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