Private Helicopter Proposal in West Maui and Molokai

Another helicopter proposal! I absolutely love working with Air Maui and this Private Helicopter Proposal in West Maui and Molokai has my heart. This is one of two landing spots Air Maui provides and I love both the tour and the landing spot. This place is as gorgeous as it is private.


Taylor had planned a surprise trip to Maui and wanted to really blow Anna away by taking her on a helicopter ride in Maui. He chartered the helicopter, which was great because we were the only ones on board. I brought an assistant so that way it didn’t look strange to be by myself and off we went!


After the amazing tour of West Maui and Molokai, we landed in our remote location out in West Maui. It’s a private property that we can only land on weekdays, but it is gorgeous and well worth it. Taylor and Anna exited the helicopter and headed toward the shoreline. I stayed up high on the property so that when it happened I was poised and ready!


When the time came, Anna’s reaction was amazing. And even more, I loved the reaction when she realized that I wasn’t a tourist at all, but instead I was there for her! We did a quick engagement session on the property and the joy was completely palpable!

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private-helicopter-proposal-in-west-maui-and-molokai_0064 private-helicopter-proposal-in-west-maui-and-molokai_0065 private-helicopter-proposal-in-west-maui-and-molokai_0066 private-helicopter-proposal-in-west-maui-and-molokai_0067 private-helicopter-proposal-in-west-maui-and-molokai_0068 private-helicopter-proposal-in-west-maui-and-molokai_0069

Taylor and Anna – congratulations! Thank you for allowing me and Air Maui to be a part of your amazing proposal!

Engaged on Maui Photographer: Angie | Air Maui Helicopter Proposal Package

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