Surprise Proposal on Maui’s North Shore

Secret emails, many youtube videos, and a plan B. All of these things together made for the “spontaneous” North shore Maui beach proposal on May 18.

Dave contacted me in April with the sweetest plan: to propose to his long time sweetheart Kristin on a beach in Maui. He had the ring, he had a plan, and he had the love of his life. All he needed was the photographer!

I dressed up (or should I say “dressed down”) in some casual beach clothes and lounged on the beach while I waited for Kristin and Dave to make an appearance. As far as Kristin knew, I was just another tourist, enjoying the amazing day we were having on the North Shore of Maui (but seriously, minimal wind, killer sunset, empty beach–it was PERFECT).

As soon as I spotted them, I pretended to sleep (thank goodness heartbeats can’t be heard from afar; my heart was racing) and soak up the rays. As soon as they walked past me, I grabbed my super zoom lens, crouched behind a tree, and watched the romance unfold.

proposal photographer mauimaui beach proposal photographer_0005

Dave was so slick. He his the ring in an ace bandage wrapped around his leg. What better way to hid that cumbersome ring box? And boy was she surprised!maui beach proposal photographer_0006maui beach proposal photographer_0007

In fact, she couldn’t stop looking at it! But to be fair, the ring is gorgeous. It is her grandmother’s stone, in a vintage/classic setting.

maui beach proposal photographer_0015

Gorgeous, right?maui beach proposal photographer_0010maui beach proposal photographer_0008

We spent some time down on Dave and Kristin’s secret beach in Paia before we headed down to Hookipa for some more North Shore shots! By the way, I have it on good authority that the smile on Kristin and Dave’s face could not be wiped off.

maui beach proposal photographer_0011

maui beach proposal photographer_0009

I can’t blame them though. To get engaged on one of the most beautiful places on Earth is quite the treat.maui beach proposal photographer_0014maui beach proposal photographer_0012maui beach proposal photographer_0013

And look at that sunset! 

Dave and Kristin:

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. Maui is such a special place, and now it’s even more special having been engaged here!

All the best to you both and safe travels back to your respective parts of the Mainland!

Photos by Angie | Storyteller Proposal Package

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