So you’ve bought the ring, you know how you want to propose, you have most of the details ironed out…why do you need a proposal photographer?

Let me count the ways:


5. The photographer knows the area

Guys, I know sometimes you just want to throw caution to the wind–but this isn’t the time for that! you know your sweetie better than anyone out there. What would she want?

Something like this:

maluaka-beachOr maybe something a bit more unique and unexpected…Naupaka-Beach-web

What about a jungle proposal?maui beach proposal photographer_0016

And then there’s always on top of a 10,000 ft volcano at sunrise!Panoramic haleakala

Your photographer can help you choose the perfect place for your proposal!


4. The photographer has the resources to make your vision happen!

Whether you are wanting a simple proposal on a beach or something a bit more elaborate, your photographer has access to a whole network of folks who live and work on Maui to make your perfect proposal happen.

The folks in the wedding and engagement industry here devote their lives to making the perfect event for their clients–proposal planning and photography is no different.

Working with your photographer through Engaged on Maui opens up a network of people who are willing to work hard for YOU. How can it get better than that?maui proposal planner_0001


3. You will get expert advice regarding hiding the ring, storing the ring, and even how to through your future fiance off-course!

This isn’t our first rodeo. Nope. We have done this before.

We know how to hide the ring, prepare you girlfriend for her session (while she doesn’t even know she is going to have one!), and even tips and tricks to get her ring size before hand.

We are on your side, bro. And we know how to make this (and YOU) look good!


2. Be the hero and schedule the shoot.

Guys. Let me let you in on a secret: us ladies love photographs. We also love those guys in our lives. So when the two combine and it’s al because YOU set it up? You become the hero.

Well, let me give you a virtual high-five because you are going to make her so, so happy.

maui proposal planner_0002


1. The moment is over quickly–photos of this special moment will help you remember for years to come.

Truthfully, the moments before and after my engagement are quite muddled. I remember walking to the pier, talking about our life together….and then, well, I’m not sure.

I know there was a ring, I know there was a question, and I know I said “YES!”

But I do wonder…

  • What did the sunset look like with the two of us in front of it?
  • What did my face look like?
  • His face?
  • What did we do immediately after?

I absolutely wish my husband had hired a proposal photographer for that special moment. In many ways, proposal photography is actually more intimate and emotional than wedding photography

It’s the moment you ask the most important question of your life and she gives you her most important response–capturing that through photography will help you remember those moments forever.








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