Picturesque Northwest Maui Cliff Proposal | Cameron + Evie

Picturesque Northwest Maui Cliff Proposal

These Australians came to Maui looking for adventure.  Cameron knew that he wanted somewhere spectacular to pop the question to Evie.  We went back and forth several times trying to find the exact right location for them.  Cameron felt like he wanted to ask her to marry him in this gorgeous, picturesque Northwest Maui cliff proposal.


We planned for Cameron to lead Evie to this incredible cliff side in Northwest Maui on a pre-sunset adventure.  She was up for any beautiful spot the island had to offer, so it was easy to get here there.  Once they got there, Cameron was going to lead her to a spot on the rocks and he’d ask her there!


They got to the site about a half hour before sunset and our associate photographer, Chantelle, spotted them right away.  They walked hand in hand towards the edge of the cliff, and Cameron slowed down just before they got to the spot.  When he was ready, he dropped to one knee and asked Evie to marry him.  She was so surprised and of course said YES!


One super romantic gesture from Cameron (you know, besides the incredibly romantic proposal) was that he brought Evie a change of clothes for their photo shoot after he proposed.  I thought this was so sweet and thoughtful.  While I love my husband, I know he wouldn’t have thought of that!  We had an incredible sunset that evening on the rocks.  We had the beach mainly to ourselves and the light was pretty incredible.

landscape shot, pre-sunset of Northwest Maui cliffs

couple walking along the cliffs

couple walking along the rocky cliff with great views, man is about to propose, she has no idea

man starting to kneel down to propose!

boyfriend asking woman of his dreams to marry him.

man down on one knee proposing to girlfriend with gorgeous Maui water behind them

beautiful wide shot of couple during proposal with incredible view of Northwest Maui

man proposing to girlfriend and she's throwing her head back in laughter

woman's surprised reaction to having just been proposed to

the bright blue water of Maui surrounding the couple standing and kissing on a cliff

wide shot of Pacific with couple holding hands walking into the water

couple in love walking down beach together, side shot

new fiances kissing on the beach

man grabbing his fiances face and pulling her in for a kiss

engaged couple standing hand in hand on the beach looking at each other as the waves roll in behind them

engagement shot of couple sitting in sand

couple canoodling in the sand with bright greenery surrounding them

newly engaged couple hand in hand walking up the beach with waves following them

woman showing off her sapphire engagement ring

engagement photo shoot on Maui, couple standing on rocks facing camera

beautiful Maui sunset peeking over the rocks over newly engaged couple

incredible Maui sunset on the cliffs, engaged couple cuddling together

fiances laughing through their engagement session together

couple basking in the just engaged glow

newly engaged couple gazing at each other

sunset off the cliffs of northwest Maui landscape shot

Cameron and Evie:  Congratulations on your engagement!  Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to capture your picturesque Northwest Maui cliff proposal!

Photos by Chantelle | Perfect Proposal Package



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