Lava Rocks, Beach, and Palm Tree South Maui Proposal | Robert + Leigh

Lava Rocks, Beach, and Palm Tree South Maui Proposal

Robert chose this place, one of our most popular South Maui beach to propose.  It’s so popular because it offers everything that makes Hawaii amazing!  It was a fantastic lava rocks, beach, and palm tree South Maui proposal!


When Robert contacted us, he knew that he wanted to propose on their third anniversary.  And he wanted a perfectly picturesque background.  We quickly decided on this gorgeous South Maui beach.  It was up to him to get her there, and we’d have a photographer hiding in the bushes waiting for them to arrive at the pre-determined time!


When they arrived at this gorgeous South Maui location, Robert and Leigh walked hand in hand down the beach.  As they got near the black lava rocks, Robert turned her around to face him and dropped down to one knee and asked her to be his wife!  She was so overcome that she knelt down with him!  They shared a hug, both still on their knees.  It was a beautiful moment!


These are some of my favorite photos from our associate photographer Marie!  It was easy to see that these two had such incredible energy together.  It was just so clear that they had such love between them. After their proposal we were able to hit a couple locations on the south side.  First, we took a few shots at their engagement beach. Then we found some variation with some greenery.  After that we got some cool images by an incredible, big rock wall.  Those ones are always to die for!  To end their session, they got a great sunset on the South Shore.  What a day!

MAN DOWN On one knee proposing, and his girlfriend kneeling right along side him

Robert and Leigh:  Congratulations on your beautiful lava rocks, beach, and palm tree South Maui proposal!  Mahalo for choosing Engaged on Maui to photograph your big moment!  We were honored to share your day!

Photos by Associate Marie | Perfect Proposal Package

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