Romantic Beach Walk Proposal

During my correspondence with Ryan, he said to me that he “would love to really surprise her with something she doesn’t see coming. Given that Maui is such a romantic place, I’m worried she may see it coming.” Judging by her incredible reaction, she didn’t see the proposal coming during this romantic beach walk proposal!   


For this proposal we actually had to do a last minute location change.  I was headed down to our original location, and because of high winds they actually had to close the beach down.  The DNLR was there and wasn’t letting anyone through.  Luckily, Ryan is a guy who rolls with the punches and we were able to do a last minute location swap.  I gave him on-the-go directions to our new spot, still in South Maui.  It ended up working out really well.  


It was an overcast day, so it got dark really fast.  We were able to utilize those last moments of light in the sky when he was proposing.  Tiffanee’s reaction was everything a photographer could ever hope for!  Tears, emotion, joy, and all that good stuff.  


We were able to stay on the beach for our whole thirty minute session and got many beautiful shots.  At the end of the day everything worked out!  And this is why you hire someone who specializes in proposals so they can make quick decisions if you have to do a last minute location change!  

Ryan and Tiffanee: Congratulations on your romantic beach walk proposal!  I love how Ryan just rolled with the changes that Maui threw his way!  Best wishes on your happily ever after!

Photos by Angie | Simple Proposal Package

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