Today on the blog, we are sharing Adin and Mika’s incredible cliffside sunset proposal on Maui! Enjoy!

Incredible Cliffside Sunset Proposal on Maui

I had actually been talking to Adin since June of 2017.  He really wanted to make sure he had plenty of time to think about and plan out every detail of his proposal to his long time girlfriend Mika.  They met in flight school, they’re both pilots.  Right after he proposed a Hawaiian Airlines plane flew over them as if we had planned it!  This incredible cliffside sunset proposal on Maui couldn’t have been more beautiful!


He wanted to propose in a spot that was a little more unique than a beach–which I always love!  I had scouted this area because a friend had told me about this gem.  My friend told me that there was this really cool spot that fishermen like to use and it has AMAZING views of Lana’i and Kaho’olawe and the whale activity we get this time of year.  I showed it to Adin and he thought it would be the perfect spot.  


We timed it right with sunset–which was beyond gorgeous that evening.  She was totally blown away.  Right before he dropped down on one knee he said to her, “In ten years we are going to come back to this spot and we’re going to tell this story to our children.”  Queue the tears.  There are some shots of him checking out the ring.  Turns out the the two stones to the side of the center diamond were smuggled out of Poland in World War II by his family.  So that’s pretty amazing.  There was so much sentiment and meaning behind this ring.  He also had the ring customized, engraved with a M for Mika and on the other side engraved with an A for Adin.  


We had lots of whales during this session.  It was so cool to do something different for this engagement because Maui has so much more to offer than just its pristine white beaches.

Adin and Mika:  Thank you so much for choosing Engaged on Maui to photograph your incredible cliffside sunset proposal on Maui.  Congratulations!

Photographer: Angie | Simple Proposal Package

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