Maui Sunset Proposal at Blowhole in Northwest Maui

Sometimes things don’t always pan out as we expect them to. But in this case, I’m so, SO glad they didn’t. This Maui sunset proposal at Blowhole had rainbows, an epic sunset, and perfectly timed sea-spray!


When Scott reached out to me, he already knew the location he wanted to propose: the Nakalele Blowhole. It’s in remote Northwest Maui (seriously, it’s WAY out there) and is a bit of a hike to get there. But he knew he could get Whitney down there and that was THE spot. He chose the Perfect Proposal Package, which entailed more time alotted than we actually ended up getting.

The risk with West Maui proposals is that the Pali (Highway 30 – the ONLY safe road to get to West Maui) can back up badly. This happens most often around high tourist times, holidays, and whale season. Unfortunately, Scott and Whitney hit some traffic coming out. We ended up only having 35 minutes or so for our engagement session – but I think it was perfect! The colors down there were absolutley unbeatable and even though it was windy, these are some of my favorite images from the blowhole…hands down!


Scott texted me when he arrived at the Blowhole (though sometimes I don’t get service down there) and he gently led Whitney down the cliff toward the heart-shaped rock. There we had stashed a message in a bottle for her to find. When they got down to the bottom, he wasted no time.

The last line of the letter read “Turn Around.” And when she did, she was SO surprised!


We did our engagement session right there at the blowhole and the surrounding area. There was so much diversity that we didn’t feel short-changed at all! That place is magical. We had a sunset AND a rainbow at the same time!! It was perfect!

heart rock maui, hawaii rainbow at the blowhole maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0003 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0004 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0005 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0006 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0007 maui proposal at the blowhole maui sunset proposal at blowhole maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0010 engagement ring with cushion setting maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0012 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0013 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0014 sunset photos in kapalua, maui engagement photos at blowhole maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0017 rainbow at sunset at blowhole maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0019 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0020 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0021 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0022 windy engagement photos maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0024 sunset in northwest maui maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0026 creative engagement ring shots maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0028 maui-sunset-proposal-at-blowhole-hawaii-proposal_0029



Scott and Whitney – Thank you for allowing me to photograph your Maui sunset proposal at Blowhole! What a beautiful day we had! Congratulations to you both!

Engaged on Maui Photographer: Angie | Perfect Proposal Package

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