Surprise Waterfall Proposal in Maui | Anthony + Maricela

Surprise Waterfall Proposal in Maui

In the days leading up to Anthony’s proposal to Maricela, we became increasingly worried about the weather. It had been raining for days but we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Turns out, this surprise waterfall proposal in Maui went off without a hitch.


We went back and forth in the days leading up to the proposal. The Thursday before I had to reschedule two shoots because of the rain – and then later that week I had to reschedule two more shoots! It was just so incredibly rainy (which is unusual) in the weeks prior that even getting the proposal footage for Anthony was difficult. Waterfall proposals aren’t for the faint of heart. If we have massive amounts of rain that may make it impossible to even access waterfalls! It takes a bit of throwing caution to the wind and some super faith that everything will be OK!

The plan was to plant the book by the waterfall so Maricela would see it before the proposal. When she saw it, Anthony would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him.


We had originally said 8 AM for a start time, but I wanted to give it some time to get more light before Anthony got there. So we pushed it to 9 AM. But as I thought about it more, I figured that less people and less light was better than more people and less light! I texted him right away and he arrived around 8:30, which was perfect.

He led Maricela over to the book, got down on one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage! She was so surprised and, of course, said yes!


For our engagement session, we stayed in the area of Twin Falls. We were able to grab some cool shots over by the bus and the surrounding area. Because Anthony and Maricela had reservations at Mama’s Fish House (one of my favorites), we headed back that way to get some photos on their small beach before the crowds arrived!

Twin Falls Maui

Proposal book for waterfall proposal

book waiting at waterfall in hawaii

muddy jungle path

the moment before he proposes in front of waterfall

Anthony and Maricela: Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to help pull off your surprise waterfall proposal in Maui! I can’t believe Friday that week was the ONLY day it didn’t rain! Someone up there likes you!! Enjoy this holiday season as a newly engaged couple!

Photos by Angie | Waterfall Proposal Package

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