Hidden South Maui Beach Proposal

Oliver and Maricella aren’t your typical love at first sight love story.  They are a love at second sight love story.  They met and hit it off at a party years before they got together.  But life got in the way, and they went their separate directions.  Years later, they bumped into each other in their local Emergency Room; Oliver as a Lieutenant with Miami Fire and Rescue and Maricella an ER doctor.  From that moment, he knew he wasn’t going to let her get away again.  When he was ready to propose, Engaged on Maui planned the hidden South Maui beach proposal for them.


Oliver and I went back and forth on location for quite a bit of time before he chose this really cool pocket beach on South Maui.  This beach is not always accessible because of the swells we get in, but we made sure to do a location scout the week of the proposal to make sure there was enough sand on the beach.  Maricella and Oliver took their sweet time getting out to this proposal spot because Maricella was using her selfie-stick a lot on the way out!  Which Oliver apologized profusely for later.  But we thought it was hilarious.  She got lots of her own “behind the scenes” photos before he popped the question.


Oliver had a message in a bottle placed on the beach for them to happen upon once they got to the proposal site.  Coming up to that message in a bottle really threw Maricella off and she was so surprised when Oliver dropped to one knee while she was opening up the letter!  When he asked her to marry him, she was overcome with joy!


We stayed in South Maui for the duration for our session.  There was a spectacular sunset that night.  This couple had such beautiful chemistry together, we got some incredible sweetheart shots of the newly engaged couple.

Oliver and Maricella:  Congratulations on your hidden South Maui beach proposal!  Thanks for making your way from Florida to the beautiful beaches of Maui for your engagement.  We were honored to capture your proposal.

Photos by Angie | Simple Proposal Package



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